Sunday, June 28, 2015

No Beautify Me

Not doing a Beautify Me post this month because MY SKIN SUCKS. I'm sorry girls if you were looking forward to that.

I feel so ugly and horrible about myself :'( R U STEALING MY BEAUTY AWAY BABY GIRL?! I really feel so so so horrible the past week. Been kinda emotional too. And all I wanna do is be alone at home...with Elroy. Pls let me feel like myself again!

I also realize that rashes and mozzie bites seem to be taking a longer time to heal while I'm pregnant? It's so weird. Oh and the stretchmarks from my last pregnancy are super visible again! Quite sad but hoping I don't get more from this pregnancy. I'm so prone to stretchmarks even after applying bio oil religiously! I seriously don't know why :( some ppl said it's genetics but my mom had NONE from 2 pregnancies. Maybe Bio Oil and Clarins ain't working for me. 

Anyway! Hoping to fix my skin asap so I'll wanna apply make up and look pretty again to share beauty secrets with yall.