Friday, July 24, 2015

Hiding my Bump

I'm now in Week 22 and haven't posted a "looking pregnant" picture yet because the past few weeks I just wanted to look as "unpregnant" as I could just so I can see the shocked faces of people when I tell them that I have a baby in my belly. Haha.

But from next week onwards, imma start SHOWING OFF! EMBRACE THIS BUMP!!! It is a pretty good size now! By good size I mean it will no longer be mistaken as a food belly. Haha. 

I look forward to sharing my #dressingthebump OOTDs on Instagram! 

Now that it's my 2nd time being pregnant, I sorta have a better idea of how to dress. I don't want to go to work and meet people looking all sloppy and frumpy. Many have asked how I manage look the way I do while pregnant. Why thank you, that means I look good right? Haha. Well...I have my insecurities and have days I feel kinda shitty about the way I look but my partner reminds me I'm growing a life in me and i am loved the same so yay to comforting words. My way to feeling more confident and looking better while pregnant is to make an effort to put on make up because the clothes you can wear while pregnant are honestly pretty limited. Make up makes all the difference! Oh and yes, this time round my skin is SOOOO bad. I kinda fixed it but I guess I went a little overboard, dried it out and now it looks bad again. Damn...I've to spend another week trying to fix it again. Sigh. Good thing is a found a pretty good mask! Will share that with you guys after I test it out more times. Anyway, bad skin shall not stop me from going out and feeling confident because I've my make up! Hehe. Ya I know people would be like "oh but make up will make your bad skin worse blahblah"...well it won't if you use products your skin isn't sensitive to and most importantly cleanse the make up thoroughly after!!! I've gone through bad skin and it managed to get better even with the usage of make up throughout - I hardly go a day without make up especially when my skin doesn't look its best. Of course it is good to let it breathe but bad skin really kills one's confidence!