Thursday, July 16, 2015

Baby Doesnt Look Like Me

So as the title says...and so does the picture above, MY BABY DOESN'T LOOK LIKE ME.

I know...i've gotten this A LOT!!!

Like when we are out...people would be like "oh this is YOUR baby?! but he doesn't look like you at all".


And no it is not because i did soooo much to my face that he doesn't look like me...


But recently, after 10 months....i have people tell me he has my lips. SO YAY! WE NOW HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON. Besides liking to laugh a lot. Haha.

You the beginning, honestly had a few bad days...when people say "don't look like you". Like i feel so left as if i'm some surrogate mother, baby sitter or nanny. But but but i've really came to accept it now lah and just laugh it off! After all, it is really a very cute sight when the man and little one get together!

Now that i have number 2, i googled the weirdest thing..."is there anything i can do to make my child look like me?" HAHAHA. Like i actually hoped there would be something i could eat to make the baby inside my tumtum look more like me...LOL. I can't believe i'm admitting to it....oh if you could see what i google all the time you'd think i'm CRAY.

Pretty interesting thing i've read though...

"I have heard that babies tend look like their dads for a biological/evolutionary reason so the dads will know it’s their baby and want to take care of it. There can’t be any doubt who the mother is, so it doesn’t matter so much if the baby doesn’t look like her.

A friend of mine has an explanation for this (unscientific, but smart nonetheless). She thinks that it goes back to our primal, caveman roots. Kids need to look like their fathers to facilitate bonding and to basically let the dad know that the kid REALLY does belong to them. Then maybe Dad will be more inclined to stick around to hunt and provide for his kids. We moms will love our kids no matter what they look like, but before the concept of monogamy and wedding bands, the dads needed a little extra reassurance that the kids are really theirs."
source: x
I must also remember physical resemblance can take years to develop and isn't the only thing that makes family members appear similar. For me, i grew up not looking like any of my parents. Even my mom admitted when i asked her...she said that when she looked at me when i was younger, she wondered why i didnt look like her or my biological dad at all? Hearing that I secretly wondered if i was adopted?! Moreover, my biological dad seemed to not love me and was not good to me at all. 

But but now that i'm 24, MANY have said the resemblance to my mother is uncanny!!! My friends joke and call me by my mother's name because they say i look super like her now...haha. Like we have the same eyes and nose but that is damn weird because i got zhng my face here and there...i did not do silicon implants or anything too crazy so the result isn't like very drastic but still, i did make improvements to my face and end up looking more and more like her. Haha. They tell me the way we speak and behave is super similar. When i think about it, ya i really think we do have quite a lot in for example our career paths...and that we both love food a lot that the man living with us wonder how we can eat so much and be eating all the time. So ya, 20+ years of living and now my mom can put a finger as to who i look like. Haha.

As kids grow, more physical attributes may come out, like the way he holds his mouth or the way his nose grows. Also, they begin to mimic your mannerisms, speech patterns, facial expressions. So it may not be the case now but in future!!! So ya, for me...20 over years lor. Haha.