Friday, July 10, 2015

Week 21

Halfway there! 

Another 20 more weeks or less to go~

Just did my detailed scan and all looks great. So so happy and relieved! I don't know why but I was worrying so much because I couldn't feel my baby move at all. But soon! I'm guessing I should feel her by this week? 

Finally have a visible baby bump that doesn't look like a food baby! Hehe. But still can hide under most of my clothes unless I wear like a body con...which I do if I am going to crowded places so I don't get pushed around and maybe, get priority...and bigger food portions LOL. Some perks of being preggers!

Kinda hoping my bump doesn't grow too fast because I won't be able to carry Elroy anymore when that happens and I'm super scared he will distant himself from me and be much much closer to daddy and the helper. I'll feel so left out!!! :( I really feel very sad when I don't feel like Elroy's favourite person but many mummies tell me it's pretty normal for a period of time? Actually Elroy is so easy-going it's like anyone also can! So like I don't feel important? Kinda childish and stupid to feel sad about it but I think it's something you'll only understand when you're a mummy! Haha. 

I am thankful for a super smooth 2nd pregnancy so far and a healthy baby growth!

I'm still not sure if I can find the time to do a maternity photoshoot but I kinda wanna do one with baby girl in my belly holding Baby Elroy too, in case this is my last pregnancy! Any photographers wanna work together, lemme know! 

Been pretty busy with work but happy to be occupied and learning something new everyday. I guess that's why time is passing so quickly too! Lately it feels like 24 hours a day just isn't enough. 

Week 21 (2nd Pregnancy)
Current Weight: 55kg
Weight Gained: 6kg (starting weight 49kg)

Till the next pregnancy update, xoxo.

P.S thank you all who left comments/emails sharing with me how you cleared your skin and improved your skin! I personally have tried A LOT of products and it's like during pregnancy, many just don't work as well...some which were super effective for me before pregnancy like rosehip oil (in fact most face oils) broke me out during this current pregnancy :( it's damn sad because I do like facial oils and how I used to wake up with glowing skin the day after using it. Oh well, guess pregnancy hormones do mess things up.