Friday, July 10, 2015


I have so so much to say and want to share but can't. But all I can say is I'm so truly blessed right now I cannot be any more thankful for the things happening to me and the people around me. 

Thank God for putting his angels around me, all the people I love - the people who matter most. Life just keeps getting better and better and things just go so smoothly without to stress and much worries at all recently. Maybe because I have really been trying my best to always be positive that's why things are going in that direction! This little family I have has made me so much better in so many ways...and I'm way happier as compared to before this family came around! Gone are the days I feel "lonely". Even though Number 2 will tire me out, I look forward to more fun and joy she will bring to this Home. 

It's been a good year so far and although I know how life is full of ups and downs and happiness can be quite short-lived (and there I have my pessimistic self speaking...still happens occasionally haha), I want to treasure every bit of the good happening in my life now. Nobody has a perfect life as much as they wish they had (and portray it to be) but if you tell yourself it's good enough for you, that is perfect already. I don't think my "happiness" can be shared with yall on my social media platforms for various reasons but it's ok, life can still go on and be wonderful keeping many things more "private". People will talk, people will gossip, but they don't know what is really going on and can only judge from the little things they assume to know.

Tonight I just feel overwhelmed with happiness...and extremely grateful and I want to pen it down so when I'm down and not loving life as much, I'll look back and find this post to remind me of positive days and times which has happened to me. :')  

"each day we get a chance to say ‘I love you’ to the ones we love is a blessing."