Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Baby's First Fever

So at almost 11 months old, my baby Elroy finally got a fever...actually he got it once after a vaccination but it was only 37.7 and it went down immediately after paracetamol but this time round wasn't that simple.

Yesterday afternoon before I left for work he was all well but when I came back, my helper told me he has a slight fever. Gave him paracetamol and hoped it'll be better the next day. I assumed it was just teething fever. In the morning it was 37.4 and that's pretty ok according to the pediatrician and google. He was also very active and being his usual self. Had a lot of errands to run so I decided to bring him along in case his fever comes back and I can rush him to see a doctor immediately.

He was all good until 4ish pm, when my partner and I carried him and he felt very warm and was kinda cranky and didn't want to sleep. Our helper assumed and said he seemed fine and that it wasn't that warm but being the worried parents that we are we decided to make our way to the pediatric clinic. Which I am so glad we did!!! Thank goodness it closes at 5pm and we were in time! When we reached, his fever was 39.5 and after waiting for like 30min it rose to 40. We had to do a blood test immediately but it turned out to be fine so doctor said to give him meds and monitor him closely at home for the next 2 days and go back again. Oh man I can't imagine how he must feel! :( I'm so worried because even I as an adult have never had a 40 deg fever before. I've never felt this worried for anyone before and now I know exactly how parents feel when something unpleasant happens to their darling child.

We are supposed to fly on Friday for our first family holiday and I was super looking forward to it but because of his fever, we might have to cancel it. Praying he will get better asap!!!