Saturday, August 15, 2015


When it comes to the topic of marriage and having children, I may have done things backwards but I do not think it makes me nor my partner a bad person. We did not want the moment to not feel rushed or forced and we both knew what has to be done since Day 1.

(Have decided to remove this portion as that someone thinks it's a bit too in yeah, privacy...)

It seems like we don't have much of an issue with the backwards thing but everyone around us seems to be bothered by it. Honestly, I don't blame them because we were brought up in a way that marriage has to come before babies and that is supposedly the right thing to do. However, in my opinion, that signed paper does not prove you're a better parent because even some married couples can't raise their children well. It is not about the paper but instead, it's how much you can provide for your child and do your best to give your child the best environment to grow up in. Should you have to rush into a marriage, and live with someone who is abusive or who cheats, will that environment your child grow up in be a happy one? It is just one of the many things I thought about before rushing to sign the paper. Not trying to convince anyone to agree with my views but wanted to share a little bit about my life choices and let you know and be assured my kids are well taken care of.

Sometimes I question myself...why my life is like that and why can't i be one of those who takes a conventional path (oh the many things I do differently from eg. dropping out of sch etc). But If everyone has such easy and simple lives, wouldn't that make the world a boring place. Everyone is different. As I always say, Life is full of unexpected surprises.