Saturday, August 15, 2015


Sorry for the lack of updates but recently i've been really focused on work and i realized how difficult it is to manage a full time job and blog at the same time!

My prego body ain't helping at all. I dont know why but lately i just keep over-sleeping. I used to be able to do with just 4 hours of sleep a day and will automatically wake up but now i NEED at least 10 hours or i'll be extremely cranky and lethargic the whole day. And then there's Elroy...who is extremely hyper active and clingy. I believe it is actually a good thing as it is one of the developmental stages kids face and i also think it'll get worse as time goes by...until he turns 3?

I dont know how it is possible to do without a helper and i am thankful to have one but recently even she is getting a little bit out of hand. She was pretty responsible and been a happy go lucky person for many months but could this new change in her happen because i'm too nice to her? It's sad because i dont want to be the employer who's extremely strict but for the safety of my child and to be able to go to work feeling at ease leaving Elroy in her hands is a must. Last week, Elroy was sick and it must've taken a toll on her body because she fell sick too so i kinda let her rest for 2 days and took over. However...this week it seems like her attitude is getting a bit out of hand and where did all her manners go? Not to mention how she can continue lying in bed in the afternoons in my presence. Well previously, whenever i walk into the room where she's playing with Elroy or watching him nap, she would get up immediately and sit up. Now she just continues lying there in my presence which i feel is kinda in appropriate? Also, i give her the permission to go out to walk the dog and at the same time bring Elroy out for some fresh air in the mornings. I told her before that the max is 30 min but recently, i noticed it takes 1 hour for her to be home. I have actually secretly followed her once and seen where she brings Elroy and Hiro to...which is to the nearby playground to meet other helpers with kids which i think is not so bad because Elroy has "made friends" with many kids and enjoys himself a lot. However extending it to 1 hour out of a sudden without permission is a bit too much lor. Told her about it and she listened for like a week...then back to 1 hour outings again.

Moreover, she has stopped greeting me in the morning and also stopped asking me what i'd like to eat. Every week, i do grocery shopping and usually all the meat in the fridge would be consumed in the same week because she would prepare lunch and dinner for me but now, if i don't ask, she won't cook nor ask me if i want anything so we're left with old meat which we have to throw. Plus, she's starting to get more and more rude. Like for example, whenever we correct her whenever she does something wrong, she would just listen while we talk and walk away. Totally no "YES MAM/SIR"... or even an "OK" to acknowledge. She will just walk away the moment we finish the sentence. Which is SERIOUSLY getting on my nerves because i cannot tolerate such rudeness in the house! I didnt say much though but this morning, i actually raised my voice at her for the first time asking her to have some manners and REPLY. My partner and i are very easy going people and i believe she knows that very well living with us for almost a year now and i think she's really starting to take advantage of us and changing for the worse. Which is extremely worrying for me because baby 2 is on the way and i definitely need a reliable helper around the house. I did try to talk to her nicely to change but it seems like it isn't happening so i think i should get someone like my mother to help me talk to her and maybe warn her that we will send her back should she continue being like that.

Sounds damn bad already right? I hope she will change back to the person she was soon or else i'll have to go through the trouble of finding a new helper all over again and with so much to do and so little time, it's really gonna stress me out. :(

Praying things get better soon.

On a better note, work has been a really fun learning experience for me and i am kinda glad to have stepped into a new industry! I have learnt a lot about a lot of stuff in this short period of time! It's like going to school all over again...and i kinda missed that because the last time i was in school was when i was like 17 and didn't even complete it. Although the money doesn't come as easy as blogging. :( Like seriously, when i compare how quick and easy i earned money through blogging, i can now really say blogging as a full time job is damn easy! Oh how i wish i could juggle both but i've decided not to be greedy and take up social media jobs at the moment because of the fear i wont be able to deliver and give the clients good enough response from my posts.