Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Geo Lenses

You have tried all the eye color products and make up styles...
Now you are in search of a better way to dress up your eyes.
Instead of applying products to your eyelid or eyelashes,
you can dress up your eye with Geo contact lens.

Choose colours that matches your natural eye or change the look of your eyes completely,
lens that enlarges the size of your iris or patterned lens that will make your eyes stand out.

You can also choose a different prescription for each lens which is available from 0 to 1000
and even for astigmatism!
Not only that, they last up to a yearÖ

These lenses are a mega hit in Japan and Korea as it is recorded that an estimated 1,000,000 girls have been using circle lenses to enhance their looks.
This unstoppable trend is slowing but surely sweeping into the US, UK and some parts of Europe and many more coming...!

Geo circle lenses come in a number of different colors and styles.
& now, the latestÖ

SO, what are you waiting for?
Hop on now to Ö

- We have hosted over 30 GEO lens spree and we ship WORLDWIDE.
- Lenses are only $14/pair, BUY MORE and save MORE too!!
- Comes with authenticity sticker!!

Get amazing eyes for this Christmas season and 2011

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