Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Boo Boo

The boy's back! Which means imma get fat cus with him back, he'll drive me to wherever to eat whatever! :D

He bought me this really adorable polar bear which i absolutely love to bits! HE LOOKS LIKE BOO!

If you don't already know who Boo is, Boo's this really popular dog on Facebook with over a million fans. GOSH HE IS SUCHA CUTIE! WANT TO SQUISHY HIM AND KISS HIM ALL OVER~~~~

Outfit of the day
Scarf- OSF
Olive Maxi Dress - Cotton On
Sandals - OSF

That day i asked my twitter followers where to have nice japanese food and i got a lot of recommendations! 2 people recommended Watami at ION so since i was in Town and that was the most convenient i decided to try it out.

Ordered more dishes but i forgot to snap picx cus i was really hungry. It was quite disappointing though? Or maybe we ordered the wrong dishes. The good thing was that we were served salmon belly when we ordered Salmon Sashimi and it was really fresh and good! Apart from that, the ramen and other stuff we ordered were so-so.

Cute Asahi beer dispenser!

Lovin my sandals! Sizes left at Haji's extremely limited now. Restocking next week or maybe the week after! :)

Random stuff from Daiso

Those people who asked me where to find Pumice stone (because of my baby feet post), Daiso has it! $2 ONLY~~

This was my surprise for the boy....angry birds!

Oh and i got another prezzie from the boy...CAN'T WAIT TO USE IT! Maybe i'll just start taking the bus now cus that's the only way i can put this pretty babies to good use! :D