Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Dont Geddit

I just read a comment from someone whom i presume, doesn't like me.

And i would really like to know....WHY DO YOU KEEP READING MY BLOG?!

I do know of people who read this space hating on me even when they don't even know me at all! THAT IS SO WEIRD. Because i don't even know your existence, i haven't met you before, and you hate me already? I understand if you don't really fancy someone after reading the person's blog....but you don't HATE that person? There are many times, my friends would tell me things like "yknow that day i met my friend and she asked me about you and told me she hates you and when i asked the reason she said - no reason, just dont like".

This has happened not once, not twice but SO MANY TIMES and I JUST DONT GET IT. Why you go think of me at random moments and talk about me when you don't know me? :/ And you don't like then don't like lor, i don't even know your existence. :p

I've bloggers i do not like too. However, i've my reasons for disliking them. Like they must've done something bad to me/my friends before. I've only 2 bloggers i dislike on my list. And i do not even bother following their lives (visiting their blogs). Occasionally, when i'm SUPER bored, i visit the blogs to see if they got prettier (ok honestly, secretly hoping they got uglier instead). That's probably once every 2 months? I don't even bother reading the content of the blog....cus i know i'll not be happy with everything that blogger says.

Nothing will be be approving in my eyes. When the person is nice, i'm going to think she's fake. When the person is nasty, i'd be like HA! SEE! SEE! She is ugly inside-out! But whats the use of all these thoughts? It's going to make me angry and i get nothing out of it. I can leave nasty comments but really, what for? I can complain and bitch about it ALL DAY still, i don't get anything at the end of the day. Only an angrier me. And when i constantly occupy my mind with the person, i become such an angry person and being angry is never good. Makes your friends dislike you because no one likes being around angsty, bitchy people. It make you look ugly.

When you don't like someone, everything the person does, whether good or bad, you'll not like it! So why keep visiting the person's blog? Just don't even do it lah? No one held a gun to your head and forced you to? Save your energy, save your time, stop. Why piss yourself off reading my blog? You should be stalking your favourite blogger instead! Filling your mind with happy thoughts! Throwing praises at your favourite bloggers instead of insults at someone you dislike because insulting someone doesnt gain you anything. Oh ya you will kena cursed by the blogger reading it lor. That's all you get. But when you praise someone, you make someone's day and that definitely feels good both ways!

Why try pissing me off when you know it won't work because i've been blogging for so long and i'm used to it and i'm not gonna stop blogging any time soon and nothing you say will change that. Your many attempts to piss me off will piss you off even more because you're never gonna succeed in pissing me off! I'M USED TO THEM HATERS.

What's the use of calling me UGLY, FAT, USELESS, MONEY-MINDED, SLUTTY (and the list goes on)?! You think i really would look at your comment and slit my wrist and shut down my blog? YOU WISH. Really. I know i wouldn't be where i am today blogging if not for the many more people who actually do like me. I love them, i thank them. I DONT NEED YOU.