Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hair Bun Tutorial

In the past, whenever i wanted a big bun, i had to backcomb my hair and i super hate doing that cus it is damn difficult to untangle my hair at the end of the day.

So....i came up with this technique!

I really came up with it ok! Not watch somewhere then claim it's my own one ah! Proud of it :D If i see someone with this bun i know the person learnt from my tutorial! Hahaha. Ok but idk if there are similar video/tutorial elsewhere lah so yeah. If there is, it's coincidental!

I'm in my shop so i cant talk. Later got customers walk up then so embarrassing :x haha.

All you need is 2 small clips and a rubber band!

No talking but i hope you'd be able to understand. It is really really simple. Took only 1 min to film this! :)

Good thing about this tutorial is you don't need super long/thick hair to achieve a big & puffy bun! Of course your hair must be at least shoulder length to be able to tie everything up luh.