Saturday, June 18, 2011

New F21 in Singapore

If you're following me on Twitter, you'd have read about the opening of the LARGEST Forever21 in Singapore located at Orchard Exchange! Orchard Exchange is at Orchard MRT if you're wondering. It will be opened today so do drop by to take a look.

It's gonna be the 4th outlet in Singapore and the LARGEST, with 2 new collections, "21 Men" and "LOVE 21". Love that there's "21 MEN" now because that means my boyfriend wouldn't feel so bored walking into F21 with me next time. Hehe.

On 22 June, Bloggers @nicolethen @ONESIXTYNOTEPAD and I will be dressing the mannequins at the windows of F21! IT'S GONNA BE SO MUCH FUN! I'm reeeeally excited. Do come take a lot at the window display on ok? It's gonna be up for a week! :)