Thursday, June 23, 2011


M&Ms! The chocolate i've been eating since young that never fails to cheer me up!

We all know that there are 5 M&M’s characters right? I doubt many of ya'll know what each color's character's like though.

So i shall share it with yall~~~

Red – secure, attention seeking, bold, cheeky, mischievous
Red is a strong, independent character who seeks attention because he knows he deserves it. He is bold in his choices and cheeky in his actions, choosing to do things the more mischievous way.

Blue – confidence, cool
Blue is confident and cool, with nothing to prove because nothing anybody else says really matters. He is good in a dilemma as he is not easily panicked. He knows his priorities and keeps a straight head whenever decisions need to be made.

Green – desirable, seductive, feminine, sultry
The only girl in the line-up, Green is seductive and feminine. She is sultry and knows she is desirable, so she takes advantage of that. She is charming and knows the way to a person’s heart.

Yellow – gullible, naïve, simple
Yellow is a character who although adorable, can be rather naïve. Of course, this is why people adore him. His simple ways and gullible nature makes him easy to approach and relate to.

Orange – cautious, paranoid, scared, jittery
Orange believes in “better safe than sorry.” He is cautious to the point that he comes off as paranoid and scared. He is jittery and looks over his shoulder a lot as he likes to avoid trouble whenever possible.

If i were to choose a character, i'd want to be like BLUE.

Blue is someone i really want to be like and am slowly trying and learning to. Hopefully i'm getting there already....hehe. Confident girls = Strong girls = Sexy girls. :)

M&M’s wants to know who your favourite character is. Is it Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange or Red?

Head on over to to do a simple personality test to find out which character you are and vote for him / her!

Vote as many times as you wish!