Friday, October 7, 2011


A lot of people have been asking me where i get my lenses and well...

I get it from WWW.EYESATION.COM. It is the first and only company in Singapore that has the license to sell GEO lenses!

Ordering from Eyesation is really simple.

First, create an account with Eyesation. Make sure you input a valid mobile number as they will send an SMS notification of the status to you.

After you've created your Eyesation acount, choose the design you want and your degree. Then at check out, choose which optical shop you want to purchase the lenses from!

Proceed to the optical shop and they will help you verify your degree, do an eye check and then you make payment at the shop. :)

Here are the locations of Eyesation...
- Tampines
- Hougang
- Ang Mo Kio
- Yishun
- Clementi

Say goodbye to getting "scammed" by blogshops selling lenses! We should buy it legally and only wear authentic GEO lenses!

Imagine you kena fake one?! You might get an eye infection or even LOSS OF SIGHT. It's EYES we're talking about here. The most important (to me) sense! Imagine losing your sight just cus you bought cheap lenses? And then not being able to sue the blogshop cus they can just disappear as and when they wanna.

I have read a lot of scary eye stories caused by fake geo lenses and those yearly GEO lenses too. IMAGINE YOU LOSE YOUR SIGHT?! IT IS NOT REVERSIBLE OK!

Eyesation only sell monthly GEO lenses unlike most blogshops (most blogshops sell yearly lenses). It is best you change your lenses monthly cus it's cleaner. I'm not saying the yearly one sucks, i love the fact i don't have to change it monthly AND it's much cheaper but if you don't look after your yearly lenses properly and kena some eye disease then how? Eyes leh...cannot play play.

So yeah, go do your lens shopping at! :)

If you're wondering what model i'm wearing above, it is this

And here are some my favourite models...

Model: CM-835 (which is the one i wear almost everyday cus i really love how "natural" it looks)

Model: CH-624