Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tokyo 3

Am feeling so sad right now cus i deleted a lot of pictures we took today. LIKE 90 PICTURES?!:( Thank goodness i didn't delete the "important" ones. Will post the "important" ones tomorrow/Sat!

So anyway, we managed to visit the Tsukiji Fish Market 3 days ago and on Tuesday we went to DisneySea!

Tsukiji Fish Market is extremely depressing :( Watched them chop fishes alive! Haven't eaten fish since then cus i feel so so sad and everytime i think of fish, the scene of him chopping the fish and the blood splattering all over replays in my head.

Restaurants serving the FRESHEST sashimi. Felt like puking while eating though. :(

First thing i did went i reached was to BUY A DUFFY BEAR. I just had to own one cus i saw at least 10 people in the Disney train with it and inside DisneySea, 90% of the people there were holding a Duffy! I had to buy to fit in :x haha.

Y'know....i was not a big fan of Duffy before i went there. Could'nt understand why people LOVE Duffy so much. TILL I WENT TO DISNEYSEA.

I was SO happy there. For once, i managed to forget all about my problems and stopped worrying about random stuff. Yes, i'm forever worried. I'm always so paranoid and am always thinking of the worst of things :( Such a depressed person huh....wish i wasn't like that most of the time. But anyway, yeah I felt like a kid all over again! I felt SO HAPPY i started crying uncontrollably. To the Under The Sea song. -_- I KNOW. LOL. The people around me must've thought i was such a retard, crying at such a happy place. BUT I WAS REALLY THAT HAPPY!!!! I can't remember when i last shed tears of joy man.

This is so random but i have to mention it...

I love Tokyo's toilets cus EVERY toilet i visit has this...

It's so poop friendly! I love the butt washer. I hate it when i poop in toilets in Singapore and have no water to clean up. I always feel so dirty after poo-ing so i really HATE pooing in Singapore's public toilets.

And toilets in Japan i go to are always clean! Everywhere i go, whether atas or not. Love the japanese! I dont know why people say Singapore is the cleanest country. Japan is like WAY cleaner la! Everywhere is litter free one! Some more trash bins are not everywhere, i actually expected people to litter? Many times, i got so tempted to litter cus i couldn't find a trash bin! Of course i didn't la, the floor at most places are so damn clear i would feel so so terrible for littering.

Also, i love the "Flushing Sound" button. Many times in Singapore, when i poop, i get so embarassed when i let out a loud fart or when my poop goes "piak, piak, plong" into the toilet bowl. Lol. In Japan, i can poop and make as much sound as i want cus when i press this "Flushing Sound" thing, it goes off for around 25 seconds and it covers all the "piak, piak, plong"s! Hehe. Annoying thing is everytime i hear that "flushing sound" when i'm waiting for someone to be done outside the cubicle, it always cheat my feelings. I always think the girl inside just flushed and is going to come out in 10 seconds but nope.

But the toilet at this xxx resort place i went to yesterday to celebrate my bf's birthday is the ultimate! I didnt take a picture though. Ok so i opened the cubicle and the seat was down. I hate seeing the toilet seats down cus i have to open it and well, and when you have to open it, half the time the surprise inside isn't very pleasant. However, when i was about to walk towards it to open it, IT OPENED BY ITSELF. HOW EFFING COOL RIGHT?!


Ok done. Wait for my Tokyo 4 post. :) Today we visited Fuji Q Highland! Super crazy theme park man.