Monday, October 24, 2011

Trilogy @Powerhouse

Finally someone's bringing in alcohol in jelly form! Introducing Jellybird to you party people! Especially when you girls find it hard to down hard liquor and still want to get high on the dance floor, Jellybird would be your best friend in the club!

These Jellies come in different colors and flavors too! I love their "Fragrant Poison" cause it tastes so sweet and good, I ate one up in seconds! Honestly, you won't be able to taste any alcohol in their jellies. Really!

And guess what makes it taste even better??? Pop rocks!

I love pop rocks! You know the kind of sweet selling at our mama shop? Those you put on your tongue its goes pop pop pop? You'd never guess how good it tastes like with the Jellybird jellies! It makes it sweeter, and much more nicer to eat than it already is!

Mango flavored - Golden Goodness with pop rocks!

Lychee flavored - Toxic Perfume with pop rocks! Omg my fav!!

Jellybird's original flavor - Halo

Grape flavored - Purple passion (not bad!)

The best part is… Jellybird is launching their first batch of jellies at Powerhouse tomorrow! Doors open at 9pm, and all Jellybird shots going at $4/ shot only!!!!

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