Friday, November 4, 2011

New Arrivals + Teressa J

*****UPDATE! 6 NOV

Found another post on her, dated 21 JULY 2006. 2006?!?! IT'S 2011, STILL THE SAME. Seriously, she has a problem. HUGE ONE.

Also, today she REALLY did it again. I give it to her man. NO ONE, I REPEAT, NO ONE HAS PISSED ME OFF SO MUCH! She told the girl whom she LOVES bitching to Meryl & I about, let's name her, D, lotsa shit about me. Saying i made false accusations...etc? OH MY GOSH....CAN YOU FUCKING STOP LYING NOT? That was right AFTER she bombarded me with lotsa apologies and stuff....

Sounds so sincere right? Really seems like she's sorry about all that she's done. I actually turned to my boyfriend and went "Baby, i feel really sad for her....and i feel horrible.".....FUCK THOSE WORDS WHICH CAME OF MY MOUTH, I TAKE IT ALL BACK!!!! FUCK MYSELF FOR ALWAYS FALLING FOR YOUR TRICKS. Always playing the pity card and me always feeling sad for you. I'VE HAD ENOUGH ALREADY. Right after apologizing and admitting to your mistakes, you go to Girl D and talk more shit about me? You really don't feel the least bit sorry do you?!?! You still have to audacity to tell more lies and stories?!?! YOU DA BEST! The BEST liar and actress EVER. And i don't think anyone has heard of a liar worse than you. Or even, a person like you.

So i have decided to heed all your advices, and i've done what i ought to do from Day One. This is it for me, i can only tolerate so much. I cannot handle her lies and games anymore. I've handed it over to them. :)


So the bitch T, did pay me about half the sum. Gave her 3 days. Today she's supposed to pay the full sum but she claims to be in the hospital. How to believe? The timing so zhun? But nevermind that, I'M SO FUCKING PISSED OFF NOW CUS SHE SPREADED RUMOURS ABOUT ME TO A COUPLE OF MY CUSTOMERS.

She is the one who's always going "hey tams, you know the girl xxxxxx" then i'd be like, "yeah i know, always buy things one" then she'd go on and on about how that person is a "Tammy Wannabe". Now, she went to tell the girl I SAID THAT. WHAT THE FUCK. You think i'm so free? Like You? To constantly stalk people's blogs? I HAVE FRIENDS, I HAVE A PROPER JOB, I HAVE A BOYFRIEND, I HARDLY HAVE TIME TO BE A STALKER AND A BOOTLICKER LIKE YOU.

I am still finding WHO'S FRIENDS WITH HER. Please please email me if you know her personally. Wouldn't think it'll be that hard to find out who are her friends but IT IS!! She has 32 followers on Twitter and i've DM-ed some of them, NONE OF THEM KNOW HER WELL. You dont even have friends and you're always "making friends" with people i introduce you to....that explains a lot.

Anyway, you can read my other staff, M's blog post. Pretty interesting.


Preview of what will be available online at 7pm....

See the bag above? It's an OSF Bag!

Do not underestimate this bag! It may look flat and skinny but that's just how it LOOKS. This is the most spacious bag i've ever owned! I can carry SO MUCH in it. Plus the material is really strong, it'll be able to withstand the weight. Gotta have it especially for those going to school!

Get it from! You can view the full collection at 7pm sharp!

And new shoes available at Ohsofickle, 34 Haji Lane, Level 2!

Super love the weaved sandals and full leopard shoes! :D If you want a pair to be reserved for you, you can email me at!

By the way, if ya'll follow me on Twitter, you'd find out that one of my staff, T, stole money from my shop! Fuck that bitch! She's one hell of an actress? I trusted her A LOT and thought she was really genuinely nice. Even when money was missing the first few times, I NEVER DOUBTED HER. But this bloody bitch sure knows how to take advantage of people's niceness. She's forever showering me with praises and of course, i loved it lah....but now i think about it, i just wanna roll my eyes. Plus she's always buying stuff for me and i always wonder where she gets her money from cus she shops so much. NOW I KNOW IT'S FROM ME. BLOODY HELL......Fucking boot-licker.

She's fucking cunning but i must say she's pretty smart. Everyone i talked to was surprised at the tactic she used. Really one of a kind! Wish i could describe in detail her but i don't think it's a good idea cus later all those xiao mei-meis reading this space would get infuenced and use that tactic to cheat their bosses if they work in the retail store.

Y'know i believed her lies, ALL THE WAY? My friends called me "dumb" and "stupid". They went "you're not being kind, you're not being nice, you're being stupid"! Still, i gave her the benefit of the doubt. Cus she called me explaining till she was in tears. I believed her lies....till i had SO MUCH evidence it became IMPOSSIBLE TO BELIEVE. But she denied. DENIED ALL THE WAY. When she finally apologised yesterday, i was like "OH FINALLY! GOOD!". Then i found out she told my other staff this "I took the whole blame because they won't believe me", acting all innocent to my other staff, which she claims is her friend, WHOM SHE FRAMED TOO. When we caught her, my boyfriend and i, she was like "Why is M not involved?". Lol. Fucker much.

She still wanted to act innocent to my other staff and said "Tams even said i scammed people last time", cus i tweeted something about her. didn't? Then explain the following...
Proof #1 She's a Liar
Proof #2 She's also a Cheater
And i'm sure there are a lot more stuff about her!

I also didn't suspect anything when she told me she doesn't have friends. NOW I KNOW WHY! I asked around, if anyone knows her and who she mixes with. But all i got was "yeah i know her but idk who still wants to be her friend/ i know she's SUPER disliked since her SAC days". Was told everyone she makes friends with, she'd confirm act pitiful and borrow money from them. She will NEVER return any money borrowed. Then after borrowing the money, she'd go shopping and blog about her loots which she bought using her friend's money. If you don't have money, THEN DON'T SPEND SO FUCKING MUCH?!

I find it so hard to trust people now....Urgh. I'm forever taken advantage of? It just saddens me a lot cus i don't think i've done a lot of bad deeds what? WHY LIKE THATTTTT? :( My next staff is going to be quite poor thing cus i'm going to be extremely anal about everything from now on.

Oh yes and last thing, if she told you to transfer money to her account and you did, PLEASE START CHASING HER TO REFUND YOU BECAUSE NONE OF THAT AMOUNT IS BEING PAID TO ME. You can email me at if you transferred money to her, i will give you her hp number so you can contact her directly. Her account number is POSB Savings 053-35800-4. She freaking asked my customers via OSF page (cus i gave them admin rights) to transfer money to HER account making it sound like it's to my account? Evil bitch. Really find every way to cheat money one.

p.s I'm not making a police report cus she has agree to pay me back what she stole. Still, i don't think i should keep mum about this girl after all she has done. Very good already ok... I saved her from getting a police record. With that record, it'll stick with her for life and she will never be able to find a job in Singapore.