Thursday, September 29, 2011


Supposed to do a contact lens post but the seller's site is down so i have to push it to 10 Oct :(

Was soooo looking forward to sharing the site with ya'll cus it's one of the only licensed shops selling GEO lenses. But good things are worth the wait, right?

So anyway, won't harm to post picx taken for the advertorial right? Hehe.

p.s OMG THIS IS SO RANDOM AND FUNNY. I right clicked this wanting to save it on my phone then i saw that i named it "model304" and was wondering why i would be so thick-skinned to call myself a model then i remembered it was the model of the contact lenses....HAHAHA.

Did you also notice my chio accessories? Were you about to ask me where i got my bangle and rings from? Heh heh.

More accessories i know you would love to own...

Get them here:

She used to sell accessories on her personal livejournal ( but has now upgraded to a proper web store. :)

Join the mailing list here:

Enjoy your weekends girls! I know i sure am gonna enjoy mine cus i'll be in TOKYOOOOO!!!! Finally get 10 days off work to enjoy and relax! I AM SO HAPPY! I TOTALLY DESERVE IT FOR WORKING SO HARD. HEHE.

p.s i love my brows in the picx above! used the NYX Eyebrow Cake to fill my brows instead of drawing it with a pencil like i usually do.

p.s i was looking at the pic of me in an orange romper and got reminded of this thing i read about armpit fats! do you know it's caused by wearing a bra too small and tight? im not sure how true that is though? i read it somewhere online. so if it's true right, i will have to start buying bras a size bigger! that's gooooooood....self-esteem booster! haha.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monthly Mani

Check out my nails~~~

Like my new nail design? If you do the design i did at Sensual Nails spa (of course you can change the colors!), you can get a special price!

I did polka dot french tips with 3D bows. All done in Gelish! Gelish is awesome for people who are rough and always ruining manicures in a day or 2. Like me...haha.
Get this set of nails for only $98 (U.P $133) only!
If you do know how to maintain your manicure, you can use normal OPI color for it. For normal OPI color, it'll be $70 (U.P $93) for classic manicure + the nail art i did in all.

Oh and if you think what i did was "too much" you can just opt for 1 big bow for 2 fingers, it'll cost only $68 for Gelish/$40 for normal OPI color. :)

Besides the usual "Quote Tammy/osf for 10% off, here are some of Sensual Nails Spa's other promos from now till end of October...

1) Refer-a-Friend
Good things come in pairs! Bring along a friend to Sensual Nails Spa and enjoy a complimentary paraffin treatment worth $25 while your friend gets a 10% discount off all services!

2) Fall Colours Promo
To welcome the month of October, Sensual Nails Spa is coming up with a Fall Colour Palette to get you into the fall mood! You'll get to enjoy 20% off manicure and/or pedicure if you choose colours from the fall palette! Expect shades of wine, cherry, teal and earth tones in both normal and Gelish lacquer. Colour chart will be up soon so do check Sensual's Facebook page at for details!

For more promos and details, visit Sensual Nails Spa Facebook page :)

Sensual Nails Spa
BLK 507 Bishan St 11 #01-398 Singapore 570507
Just a stone throw away from KOI

Tel: 62590889 (call to book an appointment now!)

(made some mistakes in the pricing earlier on. sorry!)

p.s EH EH EH why are people sending me emails asking me if i wanna hire them instead??? In the previous post about the stealing, i didnt say my staff did it what? Lol. I'm not hiring! Cus i trust that it isn't her. Of course i'm taking precautions now la but i really don't wish it's her. So until it happens once more, i'm still gonna stick to her cus she knows how things work in my shop and teaching a new staff is so time consuming etc.

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Arrivals

Today didn't go as well as i hoped it would....

Got a phone call that money went missing in the shop and i really have no idea how that can happen. Dont want to assume and point fingers at the moment. Not the first time and it's really worrying! Could be a customer (not sure how they do it also) ? Or my staff (which i really pray it isn't cus i'll be so effing disappointed and sad)? Whoever it is, i hope you wake up with broken fingers man. Ok fuck, im so bad at cursing but ya. Karma's a bitch to bitches. Good luck.

Ok, y'know what, i shall not list out the shit that happened today.

Actually, this post is here cus i can't send out email notifications for the web store.

The new collection will be up tomorrow, 27 Sep, Tue at 7PM Sharp.

Here are my favourites...

OSF Hoodie dress! Available in Grey, Navy and Black. My favourite! I saw a girl wearing a maxi like this when i was overseas and have no idea where she got it from so i got my supplier to make it. Decided to make some changes to it here and there and now i can have a hoodie dress too! Nicer one some more. Hehehe. :D

Oh and this will be up for Preorder since a lot of ya'll requested for it! :)

And so will the OSF Basket Clutch from the previous launch. :)

View the other items for tomorrow's launch here.

On a side note, 4 more days to Japan. Shall not be so upset with life. I'm going to the country i've always dreamt of going to (besides New York)! Must fill my mind with happy thoughts!!!

Then again, i dont think i've saved enough $? :(

Friday, September 23, 2011

Tail dress with Hood

This hoodie dress i'm wearing is a tail maxi dress.Love it!!! An OSF Design, launching next Tue. :) Also available in Grey!

For more OSF Web Store updates, join the mailing list at


New Shoes!

Ohsofickle Boutique at 34 haji lane (level 2), above SUP has new shoes! Not holding a preorder for it as I'm going overseas next week so I stocked in quite a bit for the 2 pairs below :)

And also the A. Wang Inspired shoes in Brown!

Come shop! :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Featured Blogshops: September

Below are 4 blog shops for you to check out and BOOKMARK! All 4 are super awesome!! You will fall in love with them, trust me! :)


Man, i need this! IT IS SO CUTE!

OSF Readers get FREE NORMAL POSTAGE! Simply mention OSF at check out :)

SHOPURBANDAWN's Online Store :
SHOPURBANDAWN's Formspring :




Established in May 2011, FABRICDEVOUR is an online fashion store based in Singapore.

Goods are selectively sourced, hand-picked with care to satisfy valued customers with their fabric cravings and hand-carried back from across the globe, so quality is usually assured!

As the owner of FD is also a student, she understands that seeing beautiful apparels yet not able to afford them it's torturous.

Therefore the prices in FD are set to ensure that they remain affordable! :)


FABRICDEVOUR conducts sales once and promotions twice in every 1 or 2 months.

Sometimes there are special offers that are exclusive to their Mailing List subscribers, Twitter followers as well as fans of their Facebook Page only!


For first-hand info and instant updates, do follow them on Twitter and 'Like' their Facebook page!
Inquiries can be asked via Direct Message in Twitter and message on Facebook too.


Curious about what FABRICDEVOUR used to have in their store?

Take a look at their Past Collections on the site or on Facebook! They have it all in a page and categorized by collections!


FABRICDEVOUR is updated with new styles almost every 10-14 days!

To receive updates of latest collections, sneak peeks and special promotions, 'Like' their Facebook page and subscribe to their mailing list.


Join their mailing list now and quote "OSF<3" upon checkout to redeem free normal postage for all apparels! :)
(promotion code valid till end of September)



This is definitely the place to shop at if you love edgy-looking clothes with that special X factor.

What you’re seeing here is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are lots more at this website!

The collections are all massive so you don’t have to shuffle from collection to collection.

If you wanna stand out in a crowd and look different, this is definitely the place to go.
Whether you wanna be looking funky, smart or casual, this website will be able to give you what you need for an awesome getup!
Head over to and happy shopping now!

Wanna be updated of the happenings and receive information about sales posts and more?
Join their mailing list to be in the loop!
Do follow them on twitter:
& add them up in facebook now!



VogueFever source or manufacture their own apparels that cater to the needs
of their customers, be it bringing them to work, to play or even out on a casual
weekend! VogueFever is definitely a blogshop that is worth taking note of!

And what’s even better? ALL their prices are inclusive of normal postage! Give
them your support by liking them at their facebook page, VogueFever, to get
coupon code that entitles a $1.50 off PER ITEM you purchase!

Shop at VogueFever now! Don’t forget to subscribe to their mailing list to get
updates on their latest collection!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Buffet Town

My new leopard fur bb housing! From MBK in BKK.

My fav foundations!

Oh btw, i forgot to mention what blusher i'm using in the video! I'm using M.A.C's Peachykeen! You can get it here!

That day i threw away a lot of my accessories and decided to only keep a handful. I know a lot of ya'll will ask me to sell right? But i know myself, i cant do it. If i take picx of it and it looks good, i'll keep it. And i'll end up not selling most of it. Lol. Been there, done that.The entire time my mind was like "Do i need this?", "Ok shit, if i need to pause 5 seconds to decide if i like it or not means i dont really like it. Throw!". I swear throwing it away was a tough job but i'm glad i did it cus now my room is slightly neater! :D exploding cupboard needs me to do the same.

Look at my bling kitty clock from China!

This is the fav outfit on lazy days...

Oversized long shirt, leggings and flats. So i finally got my Celine luggage and love it. Now I would very much love to get the neon pink one for my birthday but i think i'll be broke after Tokyo so yeah. Sucks to not have all the $ in the world. Times like these, i really pray those "Congratulations! You have won $1000000! Please claim your prize!" emails are legit. Lol.

New shades from Aldo! $29 only! SO DAMN NICE!!!!

Had dinner at Buffet Town at Raffles City.

Paid $45/person. T'was a weekend and for dinner which means on weekdays/lunch time, it's cheaper!

The spread wasn't really fantastic but considering the fact it's only $45/person (even cheaper during lunch time/weekdays), i guess it's pretty worth it.

Tel: +65 6837 3793 | Website

Opening Hours
Daily: 11.30am–3pm, 6pm–10.30pm

Let the pictures below do the talking...

Man....this week i'm going to be working soooo hard. Preparing a new collection for the webstore. A big one! :D If you can, do visit the boutiques for new arrivals too!

On a side note, my Cheap Monday Monolit has arrived!
I got it in Black and would love the beige suede and red patent one too! Gotta love Cheap Monday for always keeping their prices low. :D