Monday, February 6, 2012


And the winner for the giveaway (below) is....


I had fun going through my replies! Feels so good hahaha. Thank you all for participating in the giveaway! I love tweet contests...Only time i hear so many good things about me/my brand. Ego-booster much. Hehe.

Happy Monday, People! X


  1. I'm not the person who ''reacted an account specially to tweet you non-stop'' but did you ever consider the fact that not all your readers have twitter? So this person who maybe, wanted the clutch that badly, created account specially for you and then she's probably too excited? You didn't even state that in your previous post that: spamming doesn't increase your chances of winning. How would somebody know? Please, explain clearly before the ''mini giveaway'' starts.

    And that's just so rude of you who i think is readily to accuse someone just like that.
    ''Are you too embarrassed to tweet me with your real ac'' That's the dumbest accusation i ever heard.

    I used to like you alot, but now.... :-S
    you could twist the fact whatever you want (im sure you will), but whatever, it actually shows clearly how someone like you could just say things without knowing anything.

    the stupidest and rudest thing

  2. Deleted that portion! I feel bad also. Didn't take in consideration that maybe she didn't have twitter :X and yeah I should've stated no spamming. Guess the spamming she did really irritated me quite a bit and I couldn't think. Anyway yeah, don't need to explain much. A hater won't listen anyway! Good day :)

  3. I'm happy that you feel bad. I like you even more now ok hehe. Just wanna test you how you handle things and you passed <3<3

  4. that also can ahh....ahahaha. but yay me for passing!

  5. that also can ahh....ahahaha. but yay me for passing!

  6. nope! sorry!