Thursday, March 1, 2012


I am so bored right now. It's raining and I doubt IKEA's gonna deliver my furniture anytime soon. Wish I brought a freakin brolly out because I could be at simlim buying a new sound system for the shop instead of sitting here staring into blank space and having all kinda weird thoughts going through my head.

Like...why I'm so boring now?

Seriously. I am no more fun to hang out with anymore. I'm forever thinking about work work work, and i bet you can see it from my blog posts. All i talk about it work, all i think about it work. The only time I have fun? Saturday nights...with Alcohol. I used to be able to have fun even without alcohol.

Now, I am like a...workaholic. Fo' real. I've always enjoyed working...but I always had a balance between work and friends. Now it's all work work work and no friends. :/ then again, with hard work comes I better see something out of working so damn hard!!!!

Ok this post is kinda pointless....excuse me ok, I'm just bored as hell.

Oh oh!! My mom told me yesterday she was walking to my grandpa's factory at Defu Lane and saved a Golden Retriever from getting banged down by a lorry! Then Goldie followed her all the way to my gramp's office and refused to leave her side. Awww...he must be thankful! Hehe. Im like begging her to bring him home. I'd love to look after it until we find the owner. However my place is tiny...and the dog is huge. I think it's not legal right? Even if it's not a HDB? :( when I grow up I definitely need to own a huge landed property. I want to have soooo many dogs!!! Well let's just see if mommy brings him home tonight. Oh and anyone who lives around Defu Lane lost their Golden Retriever???