Wednesday, October 17, 2012

21st Birthday

For my 21st Birthday, i booked a room at MBS to celebrate it with my friends.

Did a photo booth! All done by me~ I wish i did a bigger back drop though. I printed on x2 A0 size paper and it wasn't enough. :( Think i need like 4 sheets. For the props, i googled "Photobooth Printables Props", printed it, laminated it and then cut it. If you're thinking of doing a photo booth for an event, do it yourself. It's cheap and quite easy!

My princess cake was designed by Hilary! AND IT TASTED AMAAAAZING. Hil hasn't really started her business so when she does, i will surely blog about it so you can approach her to do your cakes.


Happy princess is HAPPY! Despite having to pile on like 3 layers of foundation on my face to cover my terrible break out. Skin is getting worse and worse after the medication but the doc says it will all over over after a month so i pray she's right! Btw if you're wondering which clinic i went to, I visited Yang Skin Clinic at Bedok. Read online she's pretty good. Oh and why i started breaking out like mad? Because i went to China. It's really dirty and dusty there and i guess my skin couldn't take it? Idk but when i came back my skin was a horrible mess. :( And being the "picker" that i am, i made it worse. So yeah....

This is Bobby! 

The photographer behind all the picx! Thank you Bobby! He is an amazing photographer who never fails to produce really good work. You might want to check out his works here:

And my hair was done at Bugis Essensuals! Did a hair treatment (i LOVE their hair treatments) and Bryan did a messy bun for me. It looks like this,

Bugis Essensuals is located at...
241a Victoria Street, Bugis Village
Above Burger King

(call to ask for prices etc! mention OSF/Tammy for a special rate)