Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nail Art

J did such a good job with my nails! She used to be my manicurist when I did my nails at my previous nail spa and now has her own home-based nail business. I travelled all the way from the east to her place to get my nails done and it was worth it!

If you want nails like that, do contact her for an appointment! Her rates are a lot cheaper than outside nail spa as its home based. She's one of the best manicurists at 3D nail art so u can trust her to do almost anything! She is also good at drawing a lot of cute stuff. Just look at the cupcake she drew free hand! So cute and perfect :)

Contact her at 91796632! She lives at 128 Rivervale Street so if you live around that area, LUCKY YOU!!!
She also just started a Facebook page so do show her some support and take a look at her works posted there

P.s I posted the pic on instagram this afternoon and when I checked back in the evening I had over 4k likes on that pic :O I never had this much likes on my nail picx before! Happy! :D