Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012



Did 2012 treat you well?

2012 has been such a great year, I CANNOT ASK FOR A BETTER YEAR! :D

The greatest part of 2012, was adding even more great friends into my list of awesome friends. Friends i know who will stick to me for many many years. True friends who will always be there for me to pick me up when i fall. It's not every year that i add a new friend to that special list but this year i added FOUR. Hehe.

Too much happened in 2012 so feel free to read my previous posts~~~ I don't think i have much sad/angry posts? Hehe. My boyfriend even said "i don't know why you are always's like you're crazy, in your own little bubble". Which is a good thing right? :D

I wish that in 2013, will grow bigger and better! The OSF Team and i will continue providing great customer service and awesome stuff. I cannot believe i've been running an online store for 5 years++ already. It's getting better and better every year thanks to all of you. :) THANK YOU SO MUCH. BIG BIG LOVE.


Friday, December 28, 2012

New Arrivals

New Arrivals going up on tonight at 8pm! See ya x

More sneak peeks at

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cream Furry Studded Knit

Thank you for the lovely top! :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, all!

The only occasion i look forward to besides my Birthday is Christmas Day! I love LOVE receiving presents (duh...who doesn't?) but i also love giving presents and making people's day! This is a time to forget all worries and show your love to the people you care for. 

Christmas is not only about presents and material things though, there's an even more important reason to feel blessed on this day because it is a day we Christians celebrate Christ's birth. Not to worry, ain't here to write a lengthy post on Christianity  and why you should believe it, just here to share my views on Christmas. If you don't know, i was not born in a Christian family. When i was younger and when my parents were still together, my family visited the temple weekly. Then came a day, a friend's aunt asked me to go to church with their family. Being the young and curious me, i really wanted to go and my parents were pretty okay with the idea (surprisingly, because most buddhist parents don't approve their child attending a church) cus they believed no religion teaches you bad stuff so i was given the freedom to choose what i want to believe. I am so thankful for that, because i was introduced to something really special and powerful. Someone who has kept me alive and happy till today. Someone who has made me a much kinder and less selfish person. 

My journey is a Christian is FULL of ups and downs, pretty interesting and funny, maybe one day, i will write a post on it! Hehe. I am thankful for having a boyfriend, who was brought up in a Christian family and is a firm believer. I don't think i will never go back to that rocky road again. My faith is stronger than ever. :) So yes, Christmas is such a happy day for me because it's Jesus's birthday and without him, i don't think i would be able to get thru all the hard times.

I wish i can give everyone something but well, that's not possible because i'd be soooo broke. Lol. I am giving a discount code to be used on though! Use code "OSFLOVESXMAS" at check out for 10% off!

I am also doing a CHRISMAS GIVEAWAY! I will pick 5 presents to give to TO 5 LUCKY READERS~~~

If you want a chance to win it,  Follow me on Twitter and Mention @ohsofickle in a X'mas tweet! 
eg. "Merry Christmas @Ohsofickle!!!


I will choose 5 random girls to give the 5 presents to!

May everyone have a blessed Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Traditional Thai BBQ (Mookata)

I got introduced to Mookata about a year ago (or longer?) by Christelle and have been in love with it since then.

It is SUPER unhealthy though so even though i like it so much, i try to only have it once a month.

This time we tried a different Mookata Place at Katong (address at the bottom of the post)...
Mookata is Traditional Thai BBQ...

Had a SET FOR 2 and i ordered extra Golden Mushroom, Crab Stick and Quail Eggs. Oh and more we had to order more meat after that because the 2 plates (the larges plates in the middle) are so not enough for 2? Or maybe it's because my boyfriend and i eat much more than usual couples.

This meal costed us $70? Which i feel wasn't worth it as compared to other Mookata places in Singapore. We can eat a lot more at the other restaurants for $70.

The chilli is so-so, not as tasty as the other Mookata place i tried.

So, as you can see, the pot used for Thai Steamboat is different from the pots we use for Chinese Steamboat.

See a white rectangle thingy in the middle? That is pork lard, you put it there so it melts and coats the surface to not only prep for grilling, but also to help flavor the soup that sits on the edges. I think it's super unhealthy lah? But REALLY SO YUMMY~~

I'm not a big fan of chicken on most days, i usually pick Pork and Beef over Chicken ANY TIME. However, when eating mookata, i personally think chicken thigh tastes the best.

You will be given a 2 plates when you order the set for 2, one plate for grilling, the other plate containing ingredients to put in the soup. I really LOVE putting "tang hoon" in the soup at the end of it all. Soup will be full of flavor and soooo yummy (and oily, but who cares.........? YOLO! Haha). I felt that the soup at the Katong one isn't as nice as the Golden Mild one though....soup itself (the refill) was already slightly salty so when u add the ingredients + the oil dripping etc, it becomes too salty to drink.

This restaurant is not as nice as the other Mookata places but still, worth giving it a try if you live in the east and don't want to go too far.

103 East Coast Road, S(428797)
(+65) 6344 2985 (opposite i12 Katong)
Rating: 3/5 stars

More Mookata Restaurants in Singapore...

Happy Mookata at Golden Mile Complex
5001 Beach Road #01-55 Golden Mile Complex
Singapore, Singapore 199588
Rating: 3.5/5 stars (i prefer this to the Katong one)

TomYum Kungfu
16 Circular Road
(+65) 6536 1646
Rating: 4.5/stars 

25 Keong Saik Road, Singapore, Singapore 089132
(+65) 6536 4780
Rating: 4/5 Stars

Feel free to drop a comment sharing more Mookata Restaurants in Singapore which you think is good! :)

Do give Mookata a try if you haven't. Well you either love it or hate it. I know quite a number of people who hate it cus it's so oily and unhealthy. But i love it a lot lah!!! Haha.

Friday, December 21, 2012


It’s less than a week to Christmas! Have you all bought your gifts yet? If not, Reebonz is throwing a
crazy warehouse clearance at Reebonz SPACE from 20 – 22 December!

If you haven’t heard of Reebonz, you can click HERE to see more

I’m in love with this Prada Saffiano Lux shopping bag, and it’s finally mine since 3 weeks ago! I really
love it, and it’s suits most of my outfits.

Best part is, Reebonz is selling their Prada bags for cheap too at their crazy warehouse sale. They’re also moving their entire warehouse to Reebonz SPACE, which means over 10,000 items replenished daily!I’m not revealing how many colors they have, or how much it’s going to be. So be there, or be square! J

Here’s more bags Reebonz would be featuring at their warehouse sale too!

YSL Chyc Leather and Python clutch, a favorite for me whenever I go for parties, movies or supper.

Goes well with anything black or gold, like my outfits below!

There was a period of time when I really wanted a Bottega handbag too, but I always go ahead with
other bags instead. Maybe I’ll get it at the warehouse sales, maybe? I’m really fickle minded, no?

I’d matched this with mostly any of my outfits, be it for an event, dinner or even shopping. It’s so
comfortable on the shoulders, you’d barely feel anything!

My friend bought her Proenza Schouler PS1 at more than 45% off during Reebonz’s last warehouse
sale! Be there if you don’t want to miss out on the goodies!

Date : 20 – 22 December 2012
Time : 12pm to 8pm daily
Venue : 24 Raffles Place #07-07 Clifford Centre









"Dont stress and shop damselindisdress! Your order will definitely reach u in time for ur holiday party! Free doorstep delivery available for all Singapores from now till 10th January 2013!" 

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Their site crashed and they are now updating at



If you think i meant my Outfit Of The Day...

I don't! Haha.

Please scroll down~~~

Printed Tube Top, Zip Back Maxi and Burgundy Metal Trim Clutch all from OOTD.SG

Hello Girls! Obsessions Of The Damsel is Back Again & are Shifting to OOTD.SG!!! 

This time, with a Collection that is FULL OF DRESSES for the New Year Or Year-End Parties. :) 


Obsessions Of The Damsel (OOTD) is a place where all modern women can fulfil their obsessions and desires from head to toe, at affordable prices.

While it is their aim to bring to you pretty apparels and items, quality at OOTD is never compromised. Each and every single one of their products has undergone quality checks by their team, before they reach their customers’ hands. :)


PROMOTIONS - Not Applicable With Usage of Voucher(s).

Normal Mail Charges Apply. (excluding BACKORDER Purchases)
Read more on Singpost's A.M. Mailing HERE:

2) FREE UPGRADE TO REGISTERED NEXT-DAY / PREFERRED DATE & TIMING* DOOR-STEP DELIVERY for Purchases of 3 or More Items. Normal Mail Charges Apply. (applicable for weekends & public holidays)

No Mailing Charges At All. (applicable for weekends & public holidays)

 *Terms & Conditions Apply*

Don’t Forget to quote ‘TAMMYTAY’ OR join their Mailing List, to get $1 off each item purchased.

Head Over to their FACEBOOK PAGE to Participate in the LIKE and SHARE Contest to WIN AN OUTFIT/ITEM OF YOUR CHOICE!

See you at the Launch, this Thursday, 20/12/2012 @ 9 PM! ;)

*For More Studio/Outdoor Pictures, do head over to their FACEBOOK PAGE:

Instagram: OOTD [Obsessions Of The Damsel]      

Their site crashed and they are now updating at


Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Top from ByFeine
Bunny Ears from Etsy
Accessories from Bangkok

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Arrivals

Launching at on 18 December (Tuesday) at 9PM! 
More product previews at
Use code "OSFLOVESXMAS" for 10% off all items.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

No Lip Services

Sequin Baroque Top + Skirt!  Wear it as a set (right) for an eye catching party outfit.

At NOLIPSERVICES, we dress you up in the latest trend and in the most fashionable manner. We want real praises for you, not lipservices!

NOLIPSERVICES will keep you fashionable and trendy by bringing in the latest fashion trend at pocket friendly pricing ! =D

No Lip Services new collection will be up tonight, 16th Dec ! Expect to find glitter glam designs perfect for you to strut out with pride this holiday season!

Check out the wide range of items brought in specially with you in mind!

From warm cosy knits...

to fasionable outer wears..

or girly outfits!

and trendy tribal / aztec shorts!


Check out NOLIPSERVICES now for weekly arrivals of trendy street fashion!

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