Sunday, February 24, 2013

Behind The Scenes

Today, i  spent the entire day with the MaybellineSG ambassadors!

Did our make up in the morning at 9pm, did some filming and then proceeded to the Zoo for more filming! I'M SO TIRED NOW! It was fun though! Both Beatrice and Eunice were really nice and friendly. :) Not forgetting Carmen from Gushcloud who stuck with us throughout and the nice people from Maybelline who took care of us. If you don't already know, for 6 months, Beatrice, Eunice, Linda (who couldn't make it today) and I are the MaybellineSG Ambassadors! Every month, we will be doing a vlog on Maybelline products and it will be up here (do subscribe to them for updates!). Can't wait for March's video to be up! Can you guess the theme for March's video from the pictures already? Hehe.

Now time for my beauty sleep! Gotta wake up tomorrow to prepare for the upcoming Ohsofickle launch. I'm calling it FABULOUS FEB! Meeting 2 new models for Ohsofickle tomorrow! Hope you'll love them :) For more info do check out the Ohsofickle Facebook page!

p.s opening side banner slots for my blog for March! 28 Feb is the last day to confirm a slot. email for rates etc. :)