Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Woohoo! Week

Dinner at Putien! I hate cockles but i don't know why i like the cockles there? Hahaha. Maybe cus the garlic takes away that smelly bloody taste? 

All Spiked Up for last week's TGIW at Zouk.

Love my burgundy fur clutch from NewLook!

My nails done by Jaezy! 
Here's her contact if you're keen,
91796632 (Call to make an appointment)
128 Rivervale Street 

M found a job as a dog walker and the dog she walks is AN ANGEL!!! Really super duper friendly and cute. :)

 Dinner with Lionel and Chev.

Sun with Moon!

Mae's Pug!!

Went Ice Skating at Kallang~~

BAHAHAHAHA! L is probably the WORST guy driver EVER. He is forever driving in the wrong direction la?! Not the first time! He gives me hope on passing my TP. LOL.

Dinner at Bruno's! THE BEST CRAB MEAT LINGUINE AND FOUR CHEESE PIZZA YOU WILL EVER TASTE. Hahaha. Ok i might be exaggerating...but it's really really damn good!!