Thursday, June 12, 2014


Had a good laugh watching the latest NOC video "Mr Wong's Hokkien Word of the Day – Paktor". I don't know why but every time I watch a video with people speaking in Hokkien i just find it funny cos all the words are so interesting and well, clearly I don't speak Hokkien at all that's why. Haha.

If you did not know the meaning of "Paktor", I hope Mr Wong taught you guys well after watching it. In any case, Paktor means Dating!

Mr. Wong ended the video with this app called “Paktor”, so I downloaded the app to try it for myself as it looked pretty interesting.

It is the solution to all those single people out there who are ready to mingle!!!

I was quite shocked to know that anonymity is the key feature of this app! While you swipe through the list of people located near you, you remain unknown...Until you meet someone who feels the same about you – then you can start a conversation with them! So if you like him and he likes you too, a chat opens!

How to use Paktor?

It is really simple and fun to use!

Simply Swipe Left if you don't fancy the person

Swipe Right if you do like the person.

When a mutual like is made, the person would then receive a notification and he/she can either choose to continue the conversation by replying you or ignoring you. Nobody would know if you got disliked so there isn’t a need to feel embarrassed! Yay for shy people! ;)

Oh and if you don't want anyone of your friends to know that you are on Paktor, even though I honestly think there's nothing wrong, you can go to Settings to hide your profile from your Facebook friends on Paktor! Pretty cool huh? You can even choose the age group you want to see, and even people from other countries that Paktor is in. 

How amazing is that?!

Make sure you choose the best picture of yourself for your Profile! If you don't have any, spend some time to take some nice pictures! It'll be worth it!

There are a lot of people on Paktor so you can see all kinds of people. The Skinny, The Buff, The Fair, The Tanned, The Geek...and most of them look pretty decent in fact! You can always chat with them to see what kind of person they are before going on a date. Plus, it kills time when you are free and bored. Who knows...the next person you chat with on Paktor might turn out to be your future Husband! ;) Hey, it has happened before!!!

I hope you find a date if you are looking on Paktor!:)