Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Biolane Dermo Paediatrics

On my previous post on Biolane, I introduced the Normal Range from Biolane!

Finally got to try them on Baby Elroy. 
Short follow-up of my thoughts from using the Normal Range:
I can say that I love it and the products have helped so much in improving the condition of Baby Elroy’s skin. And a bonus point, it smells SO good.

I must say Biolane products smells THE BEST among all the other baby products I've tried before. I AM NOT KIDDING. The shower gel, the moisturizer and the cleansing water are my favourite products.

However, the moisturizer is my absolute favourite because it makes Baby Elroy smell AMAZING! Babies naturally smell good but this on top of his natural baby smell is heavenly.

I am such a fan of the scent of the cleansing water too! Some days when I'm out all day with Baby Elroy, the water is super useful because all I need is to clean him with a cotton pad. He smells so good after like he just took a bath and I bet he feels super fresh too :)

For the rest of this post, let me introduce you to the Biolane Dermo-Paediatric Range.

If your baby has more sensitive skin, you have to be very careful what you use on him/her. The BIOLANE DERMO-PAEDIATRICS range is suitable for babies with more sensitive skin. I am such a huge fan of Biolane's products now! I am so thankful to be given the opportunity to try all the products.

If you are afraid your baby's skin is too sensitive for Biolane's normal range, then I suggest you try out the Dermo-Pediatric range for super sensitive skin. It is much lighter but works as good on baby's skin. Won't irritate his skin at all.

Honestly, it doesn't smell as good as the normal range but the stuff in this range are still excellent products. Of course I still prefer the normal range because of the smell but some babies do have more sensitive skin so if that's the case for your baby, the products in the Dermo Pediatric range will work better then.

I love the diaper cream a lot as it really helps prevent diaper rash, which is very common in babies. Elroy gets rashes around the diaper region, but it heals very quickly. Thanks to the diaper cream J

I am such a fan of Biolane now and I would recommend it to all mummies!


* This product is very suitable for babies with dry and sensitive skin as it does not require any rinsing. This formula in the product, galenic formula prevents dryness caused by cleansing with water. How good is that?
* Not only that, you can even wipe your baby’s face and body with this solution as it is very mild, therefore it will not sting the eyes.
* Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, it gently cleanses without irritating dry, sensitive or atopy-prone skin in babies and young children.
* Non-greasy on the skin
* PARABEN-FREE (no chemicals) 

Directions for use
1. Apply to baby's face, body and bottom with a cotton pad for a daily hygiene routine.
2. Use a clean cotton pad for each application.
3. No need to rinse
When I apply a solution on Elroy, I would have to rinse him with water later on. Sometimes he cries when I do that. However, this product is very helpful in helping me tackle Elroy’s sensitive skin, as I do not have to go through the hassle of rinsing. Therefore, this product is a win-win solution for both him and I!

Price: $28.90 

* This hair and body gel is perfect to be used before applying the miscellar solution and it does not dehydrate the baby or child’s dry or atopic tendency skin.
* Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free
* With the help of its high levels of superfatting and lipid-restorative agents, it nourishes and protects sensitive skin.
* Does not sting the eyes and gently cleans the hair.
* Formulated to minimize risks of allergy. 

Directions for use
1. Use with the daily bath.
2. Apply a small amount to wet skin and hair, rub to foam, rinse abundantly, and then dry carefully by lightly patting all skin folds.
3. Do not bathe for more than 2 or 3 minutes for newborn infants, to prevent skin dryness.
Just a small tip: Use warm water (not more than 35°C)
Overall, I feel that this product is a stepping-stone to achieving hydrated skin for your babies. Its formula is so mild and so gentle on the skin.

Price: $18.90 

You know how sometimes babies have rashes due to the irritation from the diapers? This product will save all your troubles thanks to its innovative high tolerance formula.
* Helps to actively regenerate damaged skin by promoting cell renewal.
* Sweet almond oil included to soothe irritation and softens the skin.
* Hydra-bléïne® combined with additional insulating and nourishing active ingredients helps to protect baby's skin from the harsh exposure from urine, stools and rubbing of the diaper.
* Its high tolerance formula is also suitable for atopy-prone skin.
Directions for use
* At every diaper change, after thorough cleansing and on perfectly dry skin, apply a thick layer to baby's bottom and the folds of the groin; pay extra attention to red and irritated areas.
Just a small tip: Use warm water to bathe (not more than 35-36°C) 

This product is such a useful product for Elroy as he gets rashes a lot around the diaper region and it is a common issue for a lot of babies out there also. So mummies out there, I highly recommend this product 

As I mentioned above, my top 3 favorite products are moisturizing cream, bath gel and the pure H2o.

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Look forward to my next BIOLANE post to find out more about using these different ranges for your baby!