Friday, January 30, 2015

What I Think: Miss SG Universe

When i saw this year's Miss Universe and saw Singapore's representative, i was really happy! Honestly, it's been awhile since i was really impressed with Miss Singapore Universe. I used to like following it but it just kept going downhill. Every year i'll be all like "uh, seriously why her ah?". But i never dared to say it out loud because then people would be like "if you think you're so good then you join lor!". Which i know i also cannot la, so i'm like really "say people say myself" haha. I really am not cut out for this sort of things, i just don't have the brains for it. So... i just kept comments to myself and not post 'em online but this year, I NEED TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THE PAGEANT. I love and respect girls who are smart and pretty because i'm not like that at all and oh how i wish i could be like them.

This year's representative for Singapore is Rathi Menon. She really changed EVERYTHING. Like i've sorta "gave up" rooting for Singapore when i watch the pageant but this girl has showed that she can compete on an International level and do our country proud.

She has won Miss Brilliance and Miss Personality in the Miss Singapore Universe pageant which is absolutely well deserved after seeing all the videos of her.

She didnt win the big title of Miss Universe but I feel she did well enough and it is something BIG for Singapore.

She's smart, pretty and whoa, that body.

And this year, i really liked our National Costume. Got the VS Vibe no? Haha.

Those who think it's really bad...

It's SOOOO much better than the past few years lor...

See what i mean? Now you know why i love this year's one so much?
More Fail National Costumes here

And i thought the evening gown was really pretty too. :)

A great year for Singapore indeed. #SG50 eh! Haha :)

She really set a very high standard for the next Singapore representative. Hopefully we have more girls who are as smart and pretty representing our country and Singapore will start broadcasting the Miss Singapore Universe pageant on Channel 5 again. I wonder if they stopped doing that because people stopped watching it?