Thursday, April 2, 2015

Weight Loss after Pregnancy

This will be a very show off-y post but that's what i'm going to do because i never thought this day would come. After giving birth, i had a fat bulging tummy and the skin was very loose. My thighs touched for the first time and i never thought i'd ever see a thigh gap on me ever again as fats on my thighs were the hardest to lose. For 4 months i worked very hard to get rid of it and am glad it all paid off. I never thought i'd ever post a bikini picture after pregnancy but here it is and i am so happy i managed to lose weight a rather healthy way. Losing weight was important for me as I wanted to bounce back to work - doing OOTDs so I really had some pressure and motivation there.

So sad some people think I over photoshop the pic of my body but I swear I did not alter the picture i posted on Instagram as much as people assume i did. I did push a tiny little bit my waist (left side) in to make it more proportionate to the right waist. Why i see a need to clarify this is because this is a weight loss video and i do not want people assuming the results i got were unreal and heavily photoshopped.

Here's the 100% original image straight from my camera with no edits (you can click to zoom in) V.S the image posted for the promo on IG.

 It's really not bullshit tips - I really am sharing everything I did which worked very well for me. I really worked very hard to get to where I am and there's no short cut. People who lose weight the "proper" way all do it the same way (well almost), it's really no big secret or anything special!

Like i said a lot of times, weight loss is simple and easy as long as you are disciplined and determined enough. 

 Hope to motivate you guys and I'm pretty sure the tips will work for all you new mummies out there who are worried about weight gain. Believe in yourself! 

And even if you don't lose weight, DONT STRESS YOURSELF! Looking after a baby is stressful as it is and if you can't manage to squeeze in exercise, nobody would blame you. It is ok to not be thin or have a smoking hot body after giving birth! Most important thing is you and your baby are healthy! And as long as you are confident, you can work any type of body shape.