Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Happy Mookata at Serangoon

Visited Happy Mookata - Serangoon for the first time last week! I didn't really know they were THAT popular and had a total of 3 outlets until i googled for the when writing this post.

I have drove past the restaurant a lot recently as i live around the area and have been visiting my friend's Teochew Porridge stall (Ah Seah) to eat (i love!). I always pack my food and go and haven't checked out most restaurants there.

My friends and i decided to check it out one evening, since we were going to play MJ at a friend's place around the corner. When we were outside the restaurant, i actually didnt want to go in. The place looks SOOOO bare like it wasn't open....but there were people inside eating and another friends said she has heard good reviews on Happy Mookata so yeah, why not give it a shot. After all, it isnt good to judge a book by its cover right? Haha.

Oh and wait, maybe i should type is as HaPpY MoOkAtA because that's what the sign shows....haha. I am puzzled and wonder why they choose that to be their logo. It just reminds me of "Twit" Days. DaYz PpL tYpEd LiKe DiZxZ. If you are born before '92, you'd know Twit isn't related to Twitter in any sorta means Ah Lian? Well it was the days where typing X and Zto the word would be a "cool" thing to do....which THANK GOD came and gone FAST.

When we entered, we had to pay $25/ was EAT ALL YOU CAN! SO CHEAP!!!! Was what we all exclaimed. I don't think i've been to a Mookata restaurant that cheap....or in fact, a BBQ restaurant. Since the price was like that, i didnt expect much also lah. As long as it's fresh, doesn't smell and tastes ok, i would be contented! Oh and not forgetting good service and nice staff.

We could order fried finger food from the menu and the rest of the raw food we have to take it ourselves from the refrigerator.

Free flow drinks and ice cream!!!! Got Thai Milk Tea which was quite nice.

I'm sorry to say this but the restaurant looks damn dodgy la...i just couldn't stop looking around thinking how i can improve the place. Haha. I guess it's all i think above ever since i started work at ImaginebySK66. Well, at least put up some pictures of food on the walls or something laaaaa. And the lights....omo the lights!!! It was so bright it just made me feel 10x more insecure about my bad skin im facing during pregnancy....haha.

But food wise, not fantastic but not too bad either!!! I ate SOOOO much! Considering i had like 5 beef and 4 garlic chicken all by myself because i liked it most out of the many choices of meat. It wasn't THAAAAT yummy as compared to the garlic chicken at one of my fav mookata places but price so much cheaper so OK la, i understand. The chilli was not bad but for someone who loves spicy stuff, it wasn't spicy enough for me. Wish they had like options for the spice level...actually i could've asked for chilli padi to make it more spicy and maybe i'd like it better then...shall do that the next time round! One thing though, i dont know why but the soup was just very bland, even after 2 hours of eating. From what i remember, most of the time the soup would be super tasty and flavorful but not the case for us at Happy Mookata Serangoon. Still, i was happy with the BBQ!!! I also feel that the service was good...they were quick to serve us and attend to us. Thumbs up.

Oh but i smelled SOOOO bad after the meal...SO SO SO bad. I guess it's expected since we were indoors so yeah.

I would definitely go back there for supper because it opens till late! And yes, the attractive price.

Overall a PlEaSaNt ExPeRiEnCe. :)


Sunset Way
106 Clementi Street 12

Upper Serangoon
21 Teck Chye Terrace
Singapore 545726

Golden Mile Tower
6001 Beach Rd, #01-55D, Golden Mile Tower,