Friday, October 28, 2011


It's Friday already! Love how quickly this week passed. :)

New collection tonight! Just a small one...

See you at 7pm at!

p.s if the new arrivals dont display there, try! really not sure whats the matter with the! seems like the page cant be updated etc. :(

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dinosaurs Live

Last week, Donna and I tweeted that we were at the Singapore Science Centre and i guess a lot of ya'll wondered why? Haha.

We were there for the media preview of the Science Centre's latest exhibit, Dinosaurs Live!

Got to hold this really cute life-like baby dinosaur! Super duper cute!!!

Download the Dinosaurs Live app, take a picture of the poster and watch the dinosaur come alive!

“DINOSAURS - LIVE” - a dramatic exhibit arena that reflects current scientific evidence of these colossal creatures and their environments and opens a window on a world lost to history.

On display are dinosaurs from all prehistoric periods. Do not miss these towering animatronic creatures in action! Other activities include a cinema, fossil-dig, playground, Dino-Drawing, Dino-Riding and a wonderful Dino-Store stocked with a variety of gifts sure to please any dinosaur fan!

1 million viewers have seen this worldwide!

Pictures of the exhibit...


Us being kids...

Then after that we walked around Science Centre! The last time i went was prolly in primary school? Haha. Was really interesting! We got to see one part which it isn't open to the public yet...

What do you see?

A rose right?

And can u spot a couple in it as well?

What do you see?

A couple right?

Can u see dolphins around as well?

Hehe...pretty cool eh!

Wah like that i'm confirm not face is so not symmetrical :( My right is "prettier" for some weird

The size of the dinosaurs were impressive!!! Plus you get to be really close to the dinosaurs it and touch it. IT REALLY FELT REAL LOR. Haha.

Man, they must've spent tons of money and effort getting this together. It's really worth a visit! I don't know how many of you reading this have little kids but if you do, bring them to the Singapore Science Centre for the new Dinosaurs Live Exhibition! They'll LOVE it.

Tickets can be bought here:

More info, visit the Dinosaurs Live Facebook page!

p.s and my knitted top here is from FabricDevour.


Just did my Monthly Manicure at Sensual Nails Spa!

Because i'm so fickle minded, decided to do this design...

You like?

If you want the above design too, you can get it done at Sensual Nails Spa at a special price of $58 (in Gelish)/$38 (in OPI color)! That's like 30% off! :D

Here're Sensual Nails Spa's promotions...

Sensual Nails Spa
BLK 507 Bishan St 11 #01-398 Singapore 570507
Just a stone throw away from KOI
Tel: 62590889 (call to book an appointment now!)

For more promos and details, visit Sensual Nails Spa Facebook page :)


"If you didnt see it with your own eyes, or hear it with your own ears, dont invent it with your small mind and share it with your big mouth."
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I'm now visiting a salon near my workplace at Bugis!

So much more convenient for me! Can go do hair treatments more often!

Ok you can't really tell but my hair is SUPER damaged. I've bleached and dyed way tooooo many times and i REFUSE to cut it short. I'm just so fickle minded la! That explains "ohsofickle". Hehe.

I'd be so depressed if i cut my hair so the only way to keep my long hair is to do tons of treatments in hope it'll improve!

Yesterday i went to Essensuals - Bugis to do this treatment called the "Japanese Spa Treatment".

My friend C did coloring! So nice to have company! Hate sitting all alone in salons man.

Pretty, soft hair!

Essensual Bugis Promotion for other treatments:

*treatment in the promo above is different treatment from the one i did...

The one i did is called "Japanese Spa Treatment" and for my readers only, it will cost you..
$54! And it's only for my readers!

Essensuals is located just above the Burger King at Bugis Street! Super easy to find!

(Call to book an appointment! Remember to mention "Ohsofickle/Tammy" to enjoy the special rates!)

Then you can come over to Haji Lane to visit me after your hair treatments cus Haji is just a stone throw away from Bugis! Hehehe. ;)

My hair color was also done there! It's this special mix Bryan (boss of Essensuals) did for me. And he doesn't know what color to name it so yeah, if you like my hair color, you can just tell him "Tammy's hair color"? Haha. I love this color because i'm so fickle and sometimes i like dark hair and sometimes i like light hair and this is perfect cus it's in the middle? Sometimes it looks dark (see above) and sometimes it looks light, see below (ok not exactly LIGHT-light lah haha)!


I mentioned that my complexion worsened when i came back from Tokyo right?

I'm quite sad i'm not the kinda girl who doesn't need facial to have a good complexion. :( Those girls are just so so lucky they dont have to spend all that money on their faces! I used to not go for facial and just keep trying random products from Watsons but my face never got better. I had the mentality that if those girls dont need facial to achieve that complexion, i don't need too! Sadly, that's not how it works...all of us have different skins.

Never had the complexion i wanted till i visited Beauti Instinct! Been with them for over a year already and will keep going back there because they've saved my skin from getting worser SO many times!

Below you can see how bad it got! A lot of congestion, and super dry at certain areas! Been so reliant on make up before my facial man. So glad i do not have to pile on all that foundation cus my skin condition improved so much.

Before & After.

I asked Aunty R why it got so bad and she said i shouldve consulted her before i went to Tokyo cus you must use the right face products for different weather conditions. I've learnt my lesson and will always ask her what's good to bring over to cold countries from now onwards.

Because i had a lot of Congestion, i did the Deep Cleansing Cyro + Electro Therapy.

Because of all the congestion, Aunty R did a lot of extraction. Gotta love the extraction at Beauti Instinct cus they do it really gently unlike a lot of places. I've introduced Beauti Instinct to a lot of my friends and they agreed that the extraction at Beauti Instinct doesn't hurt as bad as a lot of places they visited previously. Despite all that extraction, i was still able to go out the next day without a lot of red marks cus the Electro Therapy helped my skin heal a lot faster! Redness was gone by the 2nd day. My face felt so smooth and clean after the extraction! Didn't feel so dirty already and make up glided on super nicely. :)

If you don't already know, i love glowy complexions! However, when i have a lot of bumps and i use my highlighters and illuminators, my face just looks oily and dirty instead of dewy and healthy. So whenever i have a lot of problems on my face, i have to mattify my face which i dont like cus i like the glowy sk2 advertisement look! Now, after extraction and clearing up all the bumps, the base is smooth and when you apply the highlighter and illuminators, you can achieve that healthy, dewy look! Plus i use less foundation which is good for my face!

If you're keen on the treatment i did, you can do the one time trial at this really special price...
$119.00 (Usual Price: $249.00) !

Or if you're confident that'll work for you, get the package at the following prices...

3sessions Promo $319.00 U.P: $747.00 @ $106.33/ Session

5sessions Promo $499 U.P: $1’245.00 @ $99.80 / Session

8sessions Promo $669 U.P: $1’992.00@ $83.62 / Session

13sessions Promo $1’009 U.P: $3’237.00@ $77.61 / Session

Mention OSF/Tammy to enjoy the above treatments at the special price stated! Also, if you wish to do the other treatments not stated above, mention my name to get 10% off. :)

Call 6733 9149 to book an appointment!

Beauti Instinct is located at...
545 Orchard Road #03-14
Far East Shopping Centre (the one in between Hilton Hotel and Wheelock)
Singapore 238882

p.s last but not least, I NEED TO TELL YOU GIRLS TO TRY GEL PLUS FROM BEAUTI INSTINCT! especially those who've very problematic skin. you can call them to ask them more about it! it's a gel i got from them to help maintain your skin after facial!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Trilogy @Powerhouse

Finally someone's bringing in alcohol in jelly form! Introducing Jellybird to you party people! Especially when you girls find it hard to down hard liquor and still want to get high on the dance floor, Jellybird would be your best friend in the club!

These Jellies come in different colors and flavors too! I love their "Fragrant Poison" cause it tastes so sweet and good, I ate one up in seconds! Honestly, you won't be able to taste any alcohol in their jellies. Really!

And guess what makes it taste even better??? Pop rocks!

I love pop rocks! You know the kind of sweet selling at our mama shop? Those you put on your tongue its goes pop pop pop? You'd never guess how good it tastes like with the Jellybird jellies! It makes it sweeter, and much more nicer to eat than it already is!

Mango flavored - Golden Goodness with pop rocks!

Lychee flavored - Toxic Perfume with pop rocks! Omg my fav!!

Jellybird's original flavor - Halo

Grape flavored - Purple passion (not bad!)

The best part is… Jellybird is launching their first batch of jellies at Powerhouse tomorrow! Doors open at 9pm, and all Jellybird shots going at $4/ shot only!!!!

"Like" Jellybird on Facebook now to find out more too!

Like them now!