Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Charity Fashion Show

Party for a good cause!

Tickets for SUNDRENALINE are on sale at Raffles Design Institute for SGD$35 each from 23rd November 2011. Limited tickets may be available at Attica on the event day. Each ticket shall entitle the guest to one complimentary drink at Attica.

See you! I'll be there!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Chiffon

I've got a very bad hangover from last night. Nonetheless, it was enjoyable so i guess it's pretty worth it? Lol.

Anyhow, sorry for the lack of outfit posts, i've been really really busy settling a lot of work stuff.

Let me first tell ya'll about this super yums dish...

So i mentioned i was going back to Hatched for the Sir Benedict right?

I DID. AND IT IS SUPER YUMS. I swear you should go try it! Perfect combi of Bacon, Ham and EGG. I WANT IT NOW!!! I LOVE HATCHED!!! Though it's super inaccessible and far from my place, THAT ISN'T ENOUGH TO STOP ME FROM GOING BACK THERE OFTEN. THE FOOD IS TOO GOOD.

Who is this girl man....she is too gorgeous!!!

Top from W.A.R, Skirt from Topshop!


Mommy's vintage belt

I have also been obsessed with detachable collars. All you need is a collar-less chiffon top that buttons to the top! You can just buy collars and more collars! It'll make that top you bought soooo value for money!

Got this gold beaded collar from Bangkok.

Considering bringing em in! Should i? Should i? Would ya'll wna buy collars?

My patent Jeffrey Campbell litas! SO DAMN PERFECT!!!! Plus Litas are so damn comfy! Solestruck sale is on now...BUY NOW OR REGRET! I just checked out yesterday with 2 JCs! OH HOW I LOVE SALES! I wish i was in the U.S! Mom's husband, who is my dad but if i say he's my dad people will be like then why don't you look like you have white blood...ok complicating, anyhow, he is an american and told me how awesome the Sales are there from now to New Year. YOU CAN FIND LAPTOPS AT $100 THAT KINDA CHEAP?! INSANE....I WANT TO GO TO THE STATES NEXT DECEMBER!!!!

Ok i need to puke...

I cant believe i vomited in the cab on my way home. That uncle charged me $50 for a $14.90 ride for that. Oh god....i deserve it! But i swear i didn't know i was gonna just....came up out of a sudden. I just saw last night's outfit lying on the floor of my toilet and it's SO, SO, GROSS.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

New Arrivals

Tomorrow (Friday 25 November) at 7pm!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Branded Bags!

I don't know of many online stores selling authentic branded bags so this would be a good site to share with ya'll!

Months ago, i was on a hunt for the Celine Mini Luggage and was so happy The Deborah Shop had it! Plus, she sold it for $2300! It retails at $2600 if i'm not wrong? However it was a pity it was sold out when i was just about to purchase it. Still, i always visited the site to check out the new arrivals cus the prices are so much lower than the Singapore boutiques! E-mailed them regarding more colors for the Celine Mini Luggage and the owner told me more stocks for the Celine will be in very soon! So do bookmark the page if you're really keen! :) It's sold out in Singapore's boutique already and the waiting list is LOOOONG.

More about The Deborah Shop...

The Deborah Shop has been running for about 2 years now. New arrivals comes 4 times a year for different seasons and collections.

100 bags are brought in each season, collections from classics to bags that are hot as well as limited editions bags that are not in S’pore! This makes The Deborah Shop unique and keeps people going back to them! They also carry brands like Alexandra Weng, Proenza..etc that do not have boutiques in S’pore. The prices are 30% cheaper than the boutique because they direct import all their items from Europe and do not buy from 3rd parties. Rest assure, all items are 100% authentic!

As the seasons/fashions are faster in Europe, The Deborah Shop get their bags first before the local boutiques. They also offer a wider range of bags as not all bags in Europe are made available here.

The Deborah Shop does not carry items from factory outlets or past seasoned bags (which makes them different from many "branded bag online stores". All their items are in season and classics. They don’t carry Coach and Kate spade as they are really mass market bags....SO in a way, The Deborah Shop is more "atas" lah....yknow? Different from most branded bag online stores in Singapore.

Anyway, here are some bags you girls might like! Can buy yourself a Christmas present hehe. These are some of the bags i would love to own....

Alexander Wang Darcy Leather Studded Bag

Celine Leopard Horizontal Gusset Cabas Tote (oh boy...i really love this one!)

Proenza Schouler Pouchette Clutch

Proenza PS1 Large Leather Satchel

For Prada fans, there'll be wallets and bags coming in December!

Delivery is FREE in S’pore and a flat rate of $55 for overseas buyers

And be VERY GLAD to be my reader cus...

You get 7% discount when you key in the discount code "ohsofickle" at Check Out! :D

Not enough bags? You may wish to visit the brick and motar store located at,

238 Thomson Road,
Novena Square,
Velocity, #03-07
Singapore 307683

Telephone: +65 6356 7390


You may also leave your comments on :

p.s ok and a lot of ya'll have been asking when the shoe preorder will be up...well it's up on (click here!) already! :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Denim on Denim

Come visit me at haji today!!! I pray today will be a good day and it won't rain!

Photo Studio

It's the end of the year....which also means a lot of ya'll have just graduated. Yay!

Don't you want a lot of pictures to remember your secondary school friends? Ya'll might not be going the same path anymore and it'll be really sad to part with the people you spent 4 good years together! Why not plan to do a super fun and cute themed shoot with them?

And if you really want to, Read On!

La Novella Studio


La Novella Studio was founded in August 2011 and is the ultimate solution for online shops, students and aspiring photographers out there who are looking for an affordable yet professional photography studio to hone their skills. The studio is also kept open for appointments 24/7 to accomodate any last minute photography assignments and/or online shop collections.

Located at Ubi, it is targeted at photographers and online shops that are situated at the east area of Singapore who have always been unable to find affordable photography studios in the area.

65 Ubi Cresent
Hola Centre #05-10
Singapore 408559

Studio prices start from as low as $10/hour and definitely provides good value for money with the professional equipments the studio has in it.

Check out the super good prices! It's definitely way lower than most studios! They've even extended their opening promotions to end of Decemeber!

Why not hurry now and make your bookings?

For blogshop owners or if you take photos on a regular basis, why not take up the packages they have?

Please email them at if you wish to purchase any of their packages!

Find out more about them at their website...

Friday, November 18, 2011

New In

Come drop by Ohsofickle 34 Haji Lane (level 2 - enter via SUP)! Lovin the new shoes :) i love the brown wooden heel snakes ring front shoes so much! If you can't make it down, don't worry! I'd be holding a preorder for it next Tue? :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Skin Care

A lot of people have been requesting for this so here you go!

I know a lot of bloggers have already blogged about their skincare regime but i'm sure everyone uses different products?

I do go for facial once a month to remove blackheads and whiten my skin etc but that's not enough! Everyday, you've to be disciplined and follow your skincare regime closely for a clean and nice complexion!

Shall share with ya'll some pretty awesome products i've been using on my face! I've tried tons of great products and in this post i'm going to share with ya'll products which are relatively cheap (under $30) and WORKS! Also, it can easily be found at Watsons/Guardian!

This is a non-sponsored post!

Some products may not be suitable for you....but you have to try to know whether it is or not!

Make Up Remover

Removing your make up at the end of the day before you sleep is a MUST. Do not leave a single trace of make up on your face! Most make up removers i've tried are super oily and i hate it! Except this...

Biore Make Up Remover Wipes

It's fantastic!!! But i must say it's pretty expensive so what i suggest is cut it into half to save money! Half is actually enough to remove make up on your entire face if you use both sides!

CleanserEucerin DermatoCLEAN Refreshing Cleansing Gel

(the one on the left)

After cleansing, my face is soft and smooth! I've used cleansers which are way too drying i find my face so tight after washing it?? Ok i'm so bad with words but yeah, if you've using too drying cleansers, you'd know what i mean!


After cleansing my face and before i apply moisturizer, i'd apply Hadalabo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion all over!

With a cotton pad, i just swipe it all over my face. I can also see how well my make up remover and cleanser works cus if there are still traces of foundation on the cotton pad, it means i didnt cleanse my face thoroughly enough and i'd go cleanse it again! Remember, DO NOT LEAVE A SINGLE TRACE OF MAKE UP TO SLEEP. It will clog your pores and cause a lot of unnecessary problems which can easily be avoided.

Don't know why they call it "lotion"? It's actually more like a "toner". This product helps lock in and retain moisture for younger looking skin!


Clinelle Intense Skin Moisturizer

It is super moisturising! It is great for people with dry or normal skin.

Moisturizing is a MUST to attain good skin!

Sheet Mask

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Mask

Sleeping Mask (if i use the sheet mask, i don't have to use this)

Laneige - Water Sleeping Pack (this one can be found at Isetan)

So unlike most masks where you have to peel off/wash off, this one is different! Apply a thin film and sleep with it! I love it cus when i wake up, my skin looks really radiant and it glows!

Pimple Gel (for emergency purposes!)

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Eliminating Spot Gel

Never, EVER, squeeze your pimple. It will end up looking worse! Sadly, this is one bad habit i've yet to kick. :X I enjoy squeezing pimples/blackheads so much....hahaha i sound sick but it's true! AND EVERYTIME I DO IT, I HATE MYSELF SO MUCH!!! So please, DO NOT DO IT!!!! Easier said than done lah....I KNOW.

Apply it on your pimple before you sleep, when you wake up, the size of your pimple will definitely reduce by at least 50%! Well at least for me it does!

I hope the above products work for you! If it doesn't, wait for my next skin care post consisting of more expensive products!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This weekend was wonderful for me!

I forgot to bring my camera to the shop so i'll just post the pictures from my phone!

If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram, you'd have seen the pictures here but if no, here you go!

My weekend was spent at Ritz Carlton! My bf decided to me such a sweetheart and booked a room + massage for me! I am truly blessed to have him!

The view from the room! It's super nice! The window's HUGE and the bed is facing sucha pretty view! I WOULD LOVE A ROOM WITH HUGE WINDOWS MAN.

The toilet's really pretty too!

Cotton On bralet for $10 only!

We then had dinner at Melt The World - Mandarin Oriental!

The spread was good! And the oysters are DAMN FRESH. I've never tasted oysters soooo good before! I still think The Line (Shangrila) is better though? Anyone know any buffet place better than The Line? Drop me a comment! :)


Top from Ohsofickle Boutique (Haji), Skirt from Topshop! Super love the skirt! Im pretty sure they still have it cus i got it just last week! Saw a camel brown one and i'm sooo tempted to get that now!

I better start editing the pictures for tomorrow's collection. AM SO DRAINED AND STRESSED OUT!!!!!! Need to get out of this country for a nice long holiday again!!!!