Monday, November 29, 2010


Giant bouquet from the people behind CQTY. :)

Some weirdo just keeps leaving comments about me - containing stuff which are totally untrue but she keeps assuming it's true. I'm too lazy to reply any cus her comments are so frigging long and if i just approve it without replying later ppl read already go stupidly believe.

I decided to blog about one part (total 4-5 assumptions).

She (i assume it's a she lah) said i'm DAMN FLIRTY.

I immediately went "omg someone said i'm flirty!!!".

My boyfriend's response, "haha! i know you're not lah! i know you cannot. i think you don't even know how to!".


WHERE THIS KINDA PEOPLE GET THEIR INFO FROM? LOL. I am how quiet around strangers! Want to flirt also cannot...i can only like smile cus I hardly open my mouth! I'm like quite shy?? If you say i'm arrogant all, i understand la (i get that a lot although i'm not), cus some people think being quiet and reserved = stuck up. I dont understand why would you wanna come up with untrue stuff about someone you don't even know? Why do people even bother doing that? If i'm not like that means not like that what? You make up stories about me for what...

Well i've said this a million times but i'm gonna say it again, THIS WORLD IS FULL OF WEEEEEEIRDOS.

I Heart NY

Been pretty upset the whole morning wondering why must my business always go down. Walau ppl say i should work on it, find a i not doing that? :( i've learnt from past mistakes and am never going to commit the same ones again. However, new problems just have to arise huh?! OH'll be better....i'll be better....i need to be more optimistic.

Anyway, Good Morning World!

I'm heading to a shoot for C1000 later! Pretty excited! :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

To All Customers

I've gotten at least 30 e-mails regarding mails not received yet. I would like to apologise to all those customers who're affected by this matter! If you don't already know, the packing and mailing are done by the guys at Inknlight and they do the mailing thrice a week.

Those who've waited and not received your mail, i am currently investigating and i do hope you understand and accept my apology! I too feel worried when i hear my customers not receiving their goods on time. This makes it seem like i'm damn inefficient when i know i'm really not as i send the orders to the guys almost daily. :( I really hope ya'll will understand and i won't lose any of ya'll because of this matter.

The guys at Inknlight just started this business of packing and mailing for blogshops and i know they're serious about it and are doing their job (so i do hope you dont think it's their fault and try working with them if you intend to!)....i really think it's just Singpost! I've a strong feeling it's Singpost because i know the boys at Inknlight really do their work! I've seen how they work with my own eyes. Must find out what's the real problem asap! Hope all this will be solved in the coming week. Once again, sorry for keeping ya'll waiting and for any inconveniences caused.

Updates on this matter:
I just got an e-mail from Inknlight and apparently one batch wasnt mailed out but it will be by today as the guy is very very nice to do it first thing in the morning. Again, i am simply explaining myself here and hope to be understood. Honestly have no other intentions. I'm really sad right now cus im just very suay....things always happen to my business resulting in me losing a lot of customers :( I cannot afford to lose anymore!!!!! I'm trying so hard to regain the trust from many again but such things just have to occur....and it's not like i'm not doing anything yknow...i do try to improve things here and there. I decided to pay a company to do this service to help me out so i can avoid a lot of mistakes i made in the past but still, such things must happen to me (and not the other blogshop doing this with them). Well i believe this wont happen again and i would still work with the guys at Inknlight cus i think they're doing a good job and as for my side, i will continue replying e-mails on a daily basis hoping that in a long run, those who lost their trust in my shop will have that regained and i would have sales as good as the past.

*hiding all comments and disabling comments. too much arguing here and there between Team You-are-pushing-the-blame-to-others V.S Team It-is-good-you-bother-to-inform.


Just caught Rapunzel! So happy my boyfriend was more than willing to watch it with me. :) Throughout the entire show, i could stop going "I WANNA BE RAPUNZEL!!!!! SO PRETTY!!!!". She's really pretty lah cannot tahan.

Watching the show reminded me about how not rough, dry and unpretty my hair is....i'm going to down to the sauna with a tub of hair treatment in a bit!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


About The Shop...

Based in Singapore, Querida Melia aims to bring the latest fashion trends from all over to world affordable to local girls in Singapore. All items are especially imported by us and to ensure affordability, nothing in our store is over $25sgd.

Unlike most blogshops, we do not launch new arrivals in collections, but instead new arrivals will be released everyday. (will release around 10items just for your readers before 12noon)

All parcels will be posted out within 2 working days upon payment verification and we accept international orders too.


Readers will also enjoy 15% off for 2nd pc. to qualify, just join the mailing list and quote "OSF" at check out..


Friday, November 26, 2010

New Arrivals

Click here to Shop!


Again, apologise for the lack of updates! I've been spending every minute with the boy and enjoying every bit of it..We actually don't do much besides eating and sleeping. Oh and of course, my work....he's been helping me so much! Ahhh :) But it won't be for long cus once he starts on his job, i'm on my own again. I love how my days have been going!!! Good things don't last long well i'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Around De World

Liang Seah Street is not only a place for steamboats and desserts! Take a walk down Liang Seah Street and i'm sure you won't miss this shop i'm about to introduce ya'll to.

Oh and if you haven't heard of Liang Seah Street, it is opposite Bugis! Y'know the Swensons and Mos Burger? Liang Seah St is just opposite!

So i was invited for dinner at this shop called Around De World.

Around De World is a hip modern cafe that expresses youth and creativeness from its decor to its dishes. Everything and I mean everything is made from scratch (of course not the pasta) and being fine tuned to suit the taste of the locals with a twist.

Led by Chef D who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, we believe in creativity and breaking out of the old tradition.
After tons of experimenting and travelling to different countries to learn their culture and flavours, we were able to marry ingredients around the world and infuse it into our dishes.

First up! We had the Fried Wings served with BBQ sauce.

Cheesy Bolognaise Fries $3.90
I really love this! Being a real big fan of cheese, this has to be one of the best cheese fries i ever had. :)

ADW Special Milk Shake!

Fruit Soda

We had one of the chef's most creative dishes - Chilli O' Crab $14.90
Spiciness Level = 3 Which was a big mistake because it was way too spicy for me to finish the whole thing BUT BUT SO SO SO YUMMY. Especially if you love chilli crab! I really wished i ordered a Level 2 one.

My boyfriend has the Cheesy Baked Rice with Seafood.

Serving's HUGE. We couldn't finish our food!

It was a waste cus we didn't have much space for the yummy desserts...

Banana Bar $5.90 - A banana cake with Chocolate on top.

Tetramisu $6.90 - Tiramisu but much more special! It's yummy and you can only find this at ADW. You gotta go try it to find out!

Around De World Specials...

If you like Pasta, you really have to try the pasta at Around De World! I'm so going back to try the Cabonara cus i heard lotsa good reviews on it!

Address: 12 Liang Seah Street Singapore
Tel: +65 6336 5519
Type of Place: Restaurant
Type of Cuisine: Western, Fusion, European
Opening Hours
Mon–Thu: 12pm – 11pm
Fri–Sat: 12pm – 1am
(Closed on Sun)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CamQueen of the Year

Here's the 2nd good news!

Last week, when i saw the girl with the highest number of votes (80k votes leh!) and my votes (only like 1k...i was position number 14?), i was like hope for winning this is pretty much GONE.

I was half-asleep yesterday. I got up, picked up my phone. New email. Open. Read the good news. Re-read it. AND JUMPED UP AND DOWN like i just had 10 cans of Redbull. I WAS REALLY SO HAPPY! Haven't felt this happy for sooo long.

Yknow I was facing a lot of stress....i asked myself, i asked God, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FIND $1K+ IN A WEEK? I've rental to pay, bills to pay, gifts to buy.....Well i am earning from the online shop but still, i really have so much to pay for and well last month's earnings werent a lot...think i kinda overspent and all? I swear i didn't know what i could i prayed. I prayed & prayed. Now i have double of what i asked for! No fact 5 times! Who else to thank but God right? Praise God!!!!!! Ever since i went back to church, i watched my life go uphill!

Ok getting a bit too religious here....BUT SORRY LAH I CANNOT HELP IT!

Anyway, i promised something for my readers if i win right? I was thinking of giving away my Top 5 make up essentials! Of course i can't possibly give everyone? So i was thinking of a Q&A? Or should i do like a top spender on my online store kinda thing? I really don't know....ideas for a contest ppl? :)

I thank all who voted! And most importantly the judges who chose me! Hehehe. THANKS A MILLION! LOVE YA'LL!

Haiz....see what i'm forced to read?


I confirm cannot do it.


*Bf passes me book* "Nah, this is the first book" *smiles*
*he smiles*
*i get the hint*
*takes book*
*starts smiling and acting cute in front of my laptop*

Totally living up to my title. Hehe ;)

p.s new advertiser at the side! visit Covermyflaws for make-up!

p.s i think i fixed the prob for my online store already! CLICK HERE TO VISIT! :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Welcome back boyfee! boyfriend is back from his 2 weeks + trip! A bunch of gifts from my boyfriend.... :) feel so loved!

Today is the happiest day of my life. Nice date too....22/11! Hehe.

Will announce more on the 2nd good news (which I've just tweeted about) tonight!

FEEL MY HAPPINESS! Ahh! Wanna cry!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harry Potter

Just got back from a Harry Potter movie screening! Thank you Althea for the invite!

So anyway, i wouldn't watch Harry Potter if i had to pay $10 for a ticket because unlike most of ya'll, i really am not a fan!

I know NOTHING about Harry Potter. I only know 2 characters before today...Harry Potter & Hermione (ok i even had to google how to spell her name). Harry Potter because duh...he is on all the posters blahblah and Hermoine because EMMA WATSON IS LIKE HOW PRETTY!!

If you're like me (doubt there's many), who hasnt read a single book nor watched a single HP movie, i suggest you dont gey kiang and waste your time watching the show just cus everyone is raving about it because you will not understand a single thing!

Spent my time in the cinema eating and asking Donna (ultimate Harry Potter fan) stupid questions. Her 2nd time watching the show so she didn't really have to concentrate much and was willing to entertain me throughout. I'm such a nuisance.

Me thinks Lord Voldemort should use "the most powerful wand" he stole from the old man at the end of the show to get himself a nose job.

I should stick to Chick Flicks.


p.s i'm not a bimbo ok!

p.s p.s oooh just spotted the CQTY ad at the side of my blog! hehehe. that reminds me....MONDAY!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Fringe

K...i kinda regret cutting my fringe. It is at a not long not short length which is freaking annoying.

The bobby pin will be my best friend till my fringe grows.

Anyway, my boyfriend will be back on Monday...i get my G12 back and i'll be having a lot more updates then! Hopefully!

Check it owwwt :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Just got back from the Sauna downstairs.

I decided to google on Sauna and here are my findings...
-It works as a stress reliever by helping you to relax and unwind. Relieving stress can lower blood pressure, decrease headaches, and elevate you mood. This will make you more productive, and more pleasant to be around!

-Saunas cause your body to burn calories. Your sweat glands produce sweat, which requires energy, and therefore increases caloric expenditure.

-Saunas raise your body temperature slightly, which gives the effects of a fever. This prompts the body to fight off any viruses or bacteria that can cause illness, thus boosting your immune system.

-Saunas provide a slight cardiovascular benefit in that the heat and steam require the heart to work a little more to send more blood to the capillaries.

-Saunas are an effective way to rid the body of toxins that we ingest from the environment around us through sweating, such as mercury, lead, sodium, and sulphuric acid.


A 30 minute sauna creates approximately the same amount of perspiration as a 10 kilometer run. HOW AWESOME! I'm visiting the sauna again tomorrow afternoon. :)


I'm going to go get my fringe cut!

Side swept bangs here i come!

Sadly, i wouldn't be able to have center parting for a couple of months till my fringe grows. :(

Gonna look so much younger....not sure if it's a good or a bad thing but whatever!

Anyhow, some CQTY updates! I'm in Top 5 and even closer to the $5k! If i win i'd be the happiest girl alive, I SWEEEEAAAAR. Been facing so much problems with the business, my bills, my rentals....INSANE. Haven't given myself a treat for quite a long time and no $ to buy surprise gifts for the boyfee. OH DEAR GOD YOU KNOW I REALLY WANT THIS. Plus i also promised something for my readers right? Hehe. YA SO I REALLY WANT LA...But i think there's 1 girl who's really pretty so quite hard.....Guess guess?

Results would be out on the 22 November. Pray for me? Hehe. Oh and if i really win, 22 Nov would be THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE because 22 Nov my boyfriend would be back from his NY trip! Imagine i'm at the airport welcoming him with open arms then go home to hear that i won.....IMAGINE HOW HAPPY I WOULD BE! Confirm faint lor.

Ok ok come back tonight/tomorrow for picx of my new hair. Cant wait! Hope i look better :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Geo Lenses

You have tried all the eye color products and make up styles...
Now you are in search of a better way to dress up your eyes.
Instead of applying products to your eyelid or eyelashes,
you can dress up your eye with Geo contact lens.

Choose colours that matches your natural eye or change the look of your eyes completely,
lens that enlarges the size of your iris or patterned lens that will make your eyes stand out.

You can also choose a different prescription for each lens which is available from 0 to 1000
and even for astigmatism!
Not only that, they last up to a yearÖ

These lenses are a mega hit in Japan and Korea as it is recorded that an estimated 1,000,000 girls have been using circle lenses to enhance their looks.
This unstoppable trend is slowing but surely sweeping into the US, UK and some parts of Europe and many more coming...!

Geo circle lenses come in a number of different colors and styles.
& now, the latestÖ

SO, what are you waiting for?
Hop on now to Ö

- We have hosted over 30 GEO lens spree and we ship WORLDWIDE.
- Lenses are only $14/pair, BUY MORE and save MORE too!!
- Comes with authenticity sticker!!

Get amazing eyes for this Christmas season and 2011

Quote "ohsofickle" or "tammy" during payment
to receive free lens casing for every pair!


It's thanks to the guys at Ink and Light that I've been able to launch new items in the store about 2 times a week! They've just launched their Storage, Packing and Postage service for Blogshops and it has been a great help to me!

Not only do they keep my room neat and tidy by storing my fashion line in their premises, they send me the latest copy of my very own stocklist everytime there is a change in quantities due to restocking or mailing. Managing my stocks has never been easier!

When I have to make my trips to the post office carrying so much stuff to post pretty things to you girls, I think the Ink and Light guys are better at it! Once they receive my order list, their organised system ensures that my packages to you are sent out accurately and you'll receive them on time!

Having them settle the packing and posting for my blogshop frees up more time on my end to source more edgy and fashionable apparel for you girls! As for aesthetics and branding, they're printing my very own postage envelopes! Look out for my new envelopes for your OSF packages!

They are also coming up with a comprehensive web solutions package especially for blogshops! Feel free to email or call/sms 98628614 to find out how they can improve and expand your business!

For DX

I feel a need to write this post for one the most wonderful girls i've ever know...

I've been thru the hell you're going thru right now. TWICE. I totally understand everything you're feeling. You too know how alike we are, in like EVERYTHING and no one would understand you more than i do.

I do know words will not take all the sadness away but it will make you feel a teeny weeny bit better and i hope all this would remind you that YOU'RE SUPER LOVED.

I've been through 2 bad break ups and you were always there for me so i want to be here for you okay? What you're going thru is EXACTLY like what i went thru to get over was the HARDEST BREAK UP EVER. Hurts x10 more than the one with C cus i was the one who screwed up. BUT I DID IT! Ya'll know how much i loved him and how remorseful i felt back then for the mistakes i made right? Well well,i am alive today and am able to feel happiness again. I've found a boy to love and i do hope he loves me the same and i would marry him and i wouldn't have to go through another shitty break up EVER! I believe there's The One for you around you now and he will give you all that you just need to learn to move on and not look back because really, there's no point.

Remember the times i decided to be alone and always go missing? Well those are the moments where i spend a good amount of time alone with my thoughts. I'd fly to Bangkok, stay there for a week, go on a super shopping spree everyday - just drain myself from makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER. Though coming back to SGP to face reality again is tough, but well at least you're back with new clothes, new accessories, new shoes! Then spend your time dolling up with your new buys in Singapore...when you look good, you'll feel good! When you're done being alone, YOU ALWAYS HAVE YOUR FRIENDS. You have so many friends who love you and would do ANYTHING to see you happy again.

Went thru my archives for this,
Forget the times he walked by, Forget the times he made you cry,
Forget the times he spoke your name, Remember now your not the same.
Forget the times he held your hand, Forget the sweet things if you can,
Forget the times & Don't pretend, Remember now he's just your friend.

You have to read this post one too...a post to help the heart broken,
I'll pass the book to you ok?

And well you didn't exactly get dumped but i hope this will help a lil...

How To Get Over A Nasty Break Up

First of all do not call him. You think you will be able to hold it together. You think you will be able to talk to him in a calm rational voice that doesn't sound in the least bit desperate (hahaha this one i failed. terribly. "kiss me leh" - perfect example. AHAHAHA dew, leon, donna witnessed it all....dammit hahaha and also the time i used my long dress and tied it around him so i had more time to look at him while he tries to remove the knot i tied.). You think you can talk to him without begging him to take you back (i can't believed i did that too!'s quite hard to believe how one can want you so much at one point of time and now when you want the person so fucking much the person doesnt give a fuck!). If you are anything like me, you can't, don't try. A good thing to do at this stage in your grief is to get some sleep and obtain a rational mind. This, if you DO decide to call him, do it at a time when you are not so vulnerable.

Likewise, don't send the email you thought about sending (i decided to flood his facebook inbox instead? hahaha). This is just as bad if not worse than calling. With an email, there is a constant and permanent reminder of what you wrote while you were aching and desperate. This will most likely stay in his possession and undoubtedly be distributed to all of his friends. This unfortunate email is NOT what you want to be known by from all of his friend (well yeah true true i'm like a joke to his friends. but they know shit so yeah whateverrrrrrrr?). Words are hard enough to take back without them being recorded on hard copy. If you INSIST on writing an email, again, do it on a day that you are completely together and thinking clearly. Don't say anything you will regret later, because you never know when you might regret.

Resist The Temptation

The worst possible thing you could do out of everything I have mentioned is go to see him. This may creep him out even more than calling him in the middle of the night. You DEFINITELY don't want do be known for this by his friends. He probably would not hesitate in letting them in on this little visit. This is another time to just curl up and get some sleep. If you are going to confront him, wait until you are clear headed and have done some thinking about how everything is going to play out and what you are planning to say. This helps you to be more prepared when you do confront him. Whatever you do, don't do it in a crying vulnerable state.

Now that you've seen some of the don'ts of the getting dumped handbook, it's time for some do's. If you need to call someone for moral support, call your best friend. Let her be the shoulder you will cry on. For the most part, she is going to be able to support what you are going through because she has undoubtedly gone through the same thing. Not only can she be a shoulder to cry on, you can bounce all your ideas to contact the ex off her. Tell her what you plan to say to him, read her that email you plan to send. Get a second opinion that may help you to gain some insight on what you should do. A shoulder to cry on can be one of the most important assets you have after a rough break up.

Another do is to try to get some sleep. Get your mind off your worries by reading a book to fall asleep, watching some TV, taking a bubble bath, or doing all three. These suggestions can relax you, allowing you to get some much needed sleep. No matter what, know who you are and what worth you have. Someone dumping you does not mean you are not worth anything. Just know you will survive, no matter how bad you feel at the moment about getting dumped.

Babe, you are so pretty and i want to see your big beautiful smile soon...I want my happy pill! I want my cutesy lil thing come back strong and happy! I love you, DX.

If you're heartbroken and feeling down, hope this post will help you get back up again. I did it, you can do it too!


A replica of the Pamela Love Cage Ring! The original costs around $940? The replica will cost you only $32!!! GOOD STEAL!

And this is my current fav ring!! SUPER DUPER LOVE IT MAX. Hehe.

Both rings can be found here! More awesome rings can be found in that page SO CLICK TO VIEW!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010